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Is it normal for mulching mowers to leave a poor finish?

I'm not familiar with mulching mowers at all as never had one before, but I needed one for churches I cut so. Bought weibang 53 smp. 


It cuts fast and seems robust, but I'm a bit concerned about it's actual cut. Used it. Twice so far



It seems to miss about 20% of the grass and cuts at very  inconsistent heights on the same setting.. It leaves patches.  And spikes of longer grass or weed sticking up. 


Is it not supposed to be used on long grass?

Are you supposed to go slower?

I'm not sure if there's something wrong with the machine or if I'm not using it right so far. 

I wasn't expecting stripes but I was expecting a level cut and not to keep going over the same bits. 





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  • PRO

    Is the grass damp   ?   My Toro snatches and leaves Tufts in damp conditions  , won't cut at all in wet conditions but leaves a perfect finish on same Lawns when dry , Also prefers the grass to be longer . 

    Another negative though I found is it's a personal pace machine so full momentum of the blade is not instant until the engine reaches optimum cutting speed a few paces into the cut and it bends the grass rather than cuts it  .

    Had a John Deere mower which did same as yours and it was rectified by increasing the mowers speed .by the dealer  





  • PRO

    This could also be trying to cut too much off in 1 pass, with clumps being dropped by the mower un-mulched. Mulching works best when doing every week, or if less timely, then taking a couple of passes.

  • Should have bought Honda 537 hrx hy best mulcher on the market ! 

    Finish is down to forward speed, height of cut, length and dryness of the grass. Works best on weekly cuts.

    You have to give the machine time to pulverise the grass, why not just use a discharge mower? We used to liok after 5 churchyards and all were cut and drop.

  • PRO

    If it was me,

    I would check the blade is secure?
    Has it been put on upside down? 
    Is the engine running fast enough? 
    Have you tried it on a different lawn?
    i have looked at the spec of the machine and it is specific mulcher.  You should not be having this  trouble.   

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