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  • We used them and gear box and issues every season 

    • Thanks, are you running another make/model because of this? If so what?

      • I'm using cobras with Honda engines, much heavier though, I've had no issues with it for2 1/2 years, I'm garden maintenance and not solely grass cutting. 

        • Thanks assume these are the generic equivalent of a Honda pro ? We need something light.

          • Cobra Pro is a KAAZ with a Cobra sticker on it. Same as the Danarm or Lawnflite Pro.  And of course fitted with a Honda rngine.

    • I agree, gearboxes are a serious weakpoint on these machines, so are the rear rollers which tend to wear the end off the roller shaft when the bearing seize up.

      • Yes I also meant to say the rollers would end up wearing a way.

        • Changed loads of rollers and gearboxes on the HRB476 and HRX476 over the years. Now the parts are so expensive they tend to get scrapped more than repaired. 

          You should always change the clutch cable at the same time as a gearbox so the cost ramps up.quite quickly.

          The other problem with the HRX is the tiny roll pins on the gearbox output shaft, the one nearest the sprocket would shear and the gearbox would shift across and drop the chain off.

      • ....its a good idea to to remove the rollers during the Winter and check the bearings..... just turning the roller while its on the machine isn't really enough... you need to be turning the bearing with your finger to detect early signs of problems like lack of lubrication.  Amazingly, my Kaaz mower is still on its original bearings after 18 years which is more than can be said for the gearbox clutch which I must have replaced at least 4 times. 

  • I was thinking of getting the 4 wheel version 476, do you know if these also have gearbox issues or are they a different set up to the roller?

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