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Gardeners near Romsey


I'm looking to drop a couple of customers in Romsey as the drive is too far and I can get work closer to home.

They've asked for recommendations, I don't know anyone working in Romsey. So I thought I'd ask if there was anyone looking for customers in Romsey area?

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  • Hi

    I'm the estate manager for a charity that runs Furzey Gardens in the New Forest and we are about to start a new social enterprise operating a gardening business which will cover the Romsey area. To begin with it will be me servicing clients and I have many years experience and qualifications.

    If you/your clients are interested, we can be looked up on our Minstead Trust website....check out the Furzey Gardens section.



    • I really like Furzey gardens.

      Thanks I'll pass that info on.


  • PRO

     Hello Alex


    Where are you based? I am around the Salisbury & South Wilts area and dont travel that way to work (only for supplies).

    When I was at college on a day course there was a chap who had been sent from Welcome to Teal's Gardening Services Ltd - Teals Gardening doing some training, they operate around that area and seemed a very friendly & knowledgable bunch so could be worth trying, they have stuck in my head since.


    Though Andrew Bentleys post offering a solution would also be a good option as another company run a similar offering nearer to me 

    Welcome to Teal's Gardening Services Ltd - Teals Gardening
    [vc_row full_width=”stretch_row”][vc_column][vc_column_text width=”3/4″ el_position=”first”]I’m Teal Standen, owner of Teal’s Gardening Services (TGS…
    • I'm in Hythe (SE new forest). 

      Thanks for the info, I'll pass on the details for Teal's.



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