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Etesia MVEHH 100 hydrostatic fluid change

Hi all - this is my first post on this forum, which has been very helpful for a few past issue. Thanks for having me.

I have an Etesia MVEHH 100 - the original shape, with hydrostatic transmission. I'm rather fond of the machine and intend to give it some tlc this year, including a hydrostatic fluid change. I have the filter and fluid ready to go, but can find no help on how this is actually done. 

I would like to do it myself if possible, and wondered if anyone here had any experience/pointers. I'm sure it would help me and scores of others in future. 

Thanks in advance

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  • Thought I'd post a quick update on this as it may help others, and also give an opportunity for others to make (gratefully received) comments/improvements on my method.

    I completed a fluid change - there's no drain plug that I could locate on this machine, and not a great deal drained out when removing the filter. I managed to get a shallow bowl underneath to collect what did. 

    Completing the drainage was done using a large 200ml syringe, drawing the fluid from the filling chamber. I suspect the capacity is somewhat larger than the 2l bottle Etesia supply, but I drained out around 2L using this method, and refilled. I intend to do it again next year to further clean it. 

    some things I wasn't sure about - there's no real fill level indicator on the dipstick, just an adjustable slide that I assume is intended to allow monitoring to ensure that the oil level isn't dropping, so whether it's at the correct level or not I can't say for sure. 

    The machine is working well though, and is certainly slipping less. I've got some rust to deal with over the winter months!

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