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Bargain secateurs

Been using several pairs of Bulldog anvil secateurs bought from Toolstation £15 .75 Inc vat for the last week.  What a bargain Japanese steel, ergonomic and light seem to be staying sharp despite abuse, we all think they are as good as Felco if not better,  bypass also available.  If you're looking for secateurs you won't buy better. 

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  • PRO

    Gonna pick myself a pair or two up in the morning Peter, i love my felcos but there's no chance I'd let anyone else loose on them and that is a situation that crops up occasionally so these sound perfect. Thanks Peter 

  • PRO

    Great idea for neglectful staff. No way would I give up my felcos, they be part of me.

  • I actually find the £4.99 ones that places like Pouindshop etc sometimes sell are remarkably good + not to bothered when they get lost. 

  • Bulldog tools are normally very good. Made in England too if it makes you feel better about global footprint. I think I'll order a pair so it doesnt hurt as much when I lose the next ones!

    • Japanese Steel but made in england ?... would imagine the manufacturing process creates more foot print than the transportation irregardless of where they are actually made lol

      • Bulldog shipped their entire foundry and tool making equipment to India an number of years back, sadly no longer made in England.

        • Thanks for the update, Sean. Last time I spoke to them (at Saltex a few years ago), they were pushing the Made in England thing. To be fair, all the Bulldog stuff I've bought is good.

    • We've used several pairs now for over 3 weeks and our initial impressions that they were good have been correct and upgraded to fantastic! They feel like a natural extension to your hand, are effortless to use and if anything including hard mature wood fits in between the blades they will cut. It does say the design is patented on them. Highly recommended and a bargain at £15.75

      • PRO

        Bought a pair of these secateurs  

        I like the fact they fit comfortably in a trouser pocket and hardly know they are there , saves putting on a tool belt to carry my trusty darlac secateurs which are too big ,heavy and sharp to put in a pocket  .

        They are nice and sharp as new but just a bit too small for my big hands , my Darlac secateur handles are one inch longer which allows me to grip with all four fingers , can only grip with Three fingers with the bulldogs .

        Still very handy to just keep in the pocket and good value for the price considering the quality .


  • My guy was using an old pair of felcos for months didn't loose them, brought him a pair of stihl ones at roughly £20, guess what dumped them in clients compost heap on day 1, day 2 he couldn't figure out where they were, I had to figure it out for him, he went back on he's next visit and found them, a scrub in warm water and a good spray of oil they were good. 

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