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18" mower recommendations.

Hi all, I bought a new cobra 53 pro (honda kaaz) this year which has been great but it's a bit heavy for some of my smaller  mowing jobs, also I'm a bit concerned about creating tram lines as the ground gets softer in autumn (due to it being 65kg).  I've also got a hayter41 pro, so I could do with something in between the two, 18" or 19", 4 wheeler, able to collect or mulch. Etesia prob out of budget for this year, was thinking Stihl or honda, but would appreciate your recommendations. 

Tia, Martin.

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  • Honda hrx 476 hy ? £1000 will collect  or mulch,  44kg.

    We run hrx 537 , lovely light mower, good mulcher and collection doesn't tramline badly, utterly reliable despite constant abuse ! Go for the HY not the VY . Run the back wheels one setting higher than the front for best performance. 

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