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Zipped garden waste bag

Hi all

Does anyone have any ideas as to where I can purchase zip top heavy duty waste bags?

I am looking for something like a standard 1Tonne heavy duty bulk bag, but specifically with a zipped lid.

doesnt need to be 1000litres, even a 500litre size would be ok.

i have tried internet search, without any success.

Thanks in advance.


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  • Never seen zipped bags before in any available size. They’re available with a tie-down flap, why does it need to be zipped?

    • Thanks for the reply Sean.

      I operate from my car, so looking for fully enclosed bags to stop cuttings popping up when bags being pushed into the back of the car.

      i was thinking about the zipped top to allow shrub cuttings etc to be compacted,down, and then the bag "sealed" so that it takes up less room.

      i have seen zip top Haz waste flexible IBC's before, but don't think my local green waste centre would take kindly to that!


  • PRO

    Have you thought about getting a cheap trailer Ian? It might make your waste management a lot easier.

    • Hi Jim

      Thanks for the reply.

      i have considered getting a trailer, but when I looked st my customer list, roughly 40% have access issues (on street parking, or One short car length drive) that meant having a trailer made life more difficult.  

      I would also need a fairly substantial trailer to make it worthwhile. I can get 4 off 1Tonne bags in the car at present, each filled to my lifting capacity.. Of course larger trailer then makes the above point even worse!


      • However do you fit 4 x 1 tonne bags in a car and still have room for your tools?  It's either the tardis or an open-top!! Have you room for the tools when that lot are in? Think you'll need to splash out on a small van when you've got the funds.


        • Ha - no Tardis- just a Nissan Pathfinder with the rear seats folded, which gives masses of space. More in fact than most small vans that are out there.

          i'll admit that with 4 large bags of waste, there is no room for  a mower, but that isn't a problem, since most mowing jobs don't produce the volume of waste that is an issue, or can be composted on site. The real problem waste is hedge and shrub trimmings, which tend to spring back out of the bags, hence looking for sealed bag.

          The Hazibag is ideal, if only it came in non-Hazi markings and colour . Extremely durable material. Maybe I'll get one and just paint it green?


      • PRO

        That’s impressive I can’t get that much in my pickup. I started with a car and used to half fill tonne bags and fold them down and squish them in.

        • Yes- I have looked at double cab pickups, but found that their load space had a smaller footprint than my car with the seats folded. Only advantages of the pickup is height of load, and the separation of load area from passenger area.

      • PRO

        Fair comment Ian, it just highlights the different environments we all work in. Most of my work is in the towns and villages of central Norfolk where access is never really a problem,  but I do have a couple of customers in Norwich and street parking can be a pain. Good luck mate.

  • PRO

    Although not zipped, one can source 1/2 - 1/4 tonne  jumbo like barrow bags with a tie down top flaps which helps stacking / loading easier.

    Beauty of these is the dimensions make them suitable to go thru doors, vehicle doors, gates etc even thru houses on a sack barrow while not loosing contents.


This reply was deleted.

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