What van would you buy for 8k

Basically I have 8K spare that I want to spend on a new van and I am wondering what the majority would go for at that price.  I have a small corsa van I let the mother use for advertising purposes, I use a 54 transit connect daily which so far suits my needs but expansion and offering different services means I now need a bigger van.

Now a swb van twill do but I don't mind driving something bigger.I'm not to clued up with the ford transit ps ratings on the vans so a bit of info on power here would be nice if anyone can shed some on me. I have driven a few different Vauxhalls, Renaults and Nissan vans and the primastar/match models at 90bhp doesn't feel very powerful imo and I wouldn't be to happy towing a chipper. I am not clued up on the french vans to much but I'm handy with their engines (racing hobby)

Sum it up anyway what would you choice of van be if you had to pick (2010 onwards and sub 80k miles)

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  • On the transits ps is the bhp. The transit custom has had some bad press on the transit forums for poor fuel economy and other niggles. Not sure if they are fixed now though!

    Personally I would go bigger now as I feel it's better to have a van slightly bigger than you need on a daily basis!

    I have used a traffic that was 115bhp and that was fine fully loaded. I find anything you can't stand up in the back of a pain (especially when the weather is bad)

    I like my movano but it's rudamental compared to others! It's nice though as I can fit an awful lots of waste in. Lots of fence panels and posts in. Perhaps spend maybe 6K and keep some aside for some repairs that may crop up and ply line it/racking. Hand sinks are a nice feature along with somewhere to make T/C. Inverter to charge cordless tools/run small tools!

    Basically I would go and see what you can find and test drive them.
  • I have a 59 swb med roof t280, its very good would buy another, pretty big in back i tow a caged trailer if i need more space.

    I used to have a trafic which was better to drive, but had gearbox issues after 80k.
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      i had a 280 transit short wheelbase medium high roof and space wise it was great my big problem was that the trailer tow weight was only 800 kgs . 

      i changed to a nissan primstar 2 years ago this has a better trailer weight but van space is more limited . fuel economy is around 34 miles to the gallon a mix of running solo and pulling a ivor willians trailer 

  • If you want to tow bigger weights then go for the high GVW weight as generally you will get the better towing weight. Also if you get RWD it can have a better towing weight. 115/350 transit MBW medium roof would probably suit you well. If you find an ex fleet(utilities) it will probably have a host of extras that will probably be quite useful!

    The amount of times its been nice to wash my hands in warm water on a cold day!

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      a 300/330/350 transit you then have a 7 ton gtw  i am not sure there is an ideal van most have a draw back some where 

      • Most have draw backs, buts its what works for you!!

        Vauxhalls/Renaults - gearboxes/injectors
        Transits - PRV/SCV on fuel rail if I recall correctly. You can replace parts but IDS has to be done(I beleive) at main stealers I mean Dealers. There may be some odd garages who can get the pump learn done for you!
        Iveco - I find drive like lorries but carry immense weights!

        Also I think from previous readings the Max train weight is 6000kg with towing weights capped at 2500kg. You would have to confirm this for your self though!
  • Ive put a deposit on a 2009 transit tipper crew cab with 140 ps. it goes like a rocket!

  • Think carefully before buying a rwd. How much towing in a week will actually be required? RWD are generally very thirsty, and geared very low so anything over 60mph becomes a noisy twitchy strained affair, 

    I went from a 100ps rwd transit t350, to an 85ps fwd transit t300 and it's is a much better van to use. It is plated to tow 1500kg but is gutsy enough to pull 2t without straining. 

    Another factor is that swb vans have narrower side doors. The mwb and lwb transits side doors are wide enough to slot in two pedestrian mowers and keep the back doors mower-free.

    In your shoes I'd buy a mwb fwd van and not worry too much about horse power, as long as it's plated to tow an ok weight.

    • Depends on ratio of the diff. Generally tipper transits have a higher diff than the panel van if both are RWD
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        Over the years I've had just about everything out there. Currently running VW LT 35. By far the best vehicle for work I've had. LT or Crafter gets my vote.
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