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    I have been wearing the Aigle Parcours for years but they were beginning to leak somewhere, were expensive but looked after and always concious they were not as safe as my safety boots! so been looking for alternative pair. They are very comfortable though so will save for weekends

    Today in the post arrived my new pair of S5 Safety Buckbootz in olive green not the snazzy colours, the box was heavy which made me groan but they look solid...... 8-9 hours in them tomorrow and I will have a better view tomorrow evening. Only ordered them yesterday 

    Buckler BBZ6000 Buckbootz Full Safety Wellies Neoprene Lined S5 HRO...


    Buckler BBZ6000 Buckbootz Full Safety Wellies Neoprene Lined S5 HRO CI SRC
    Available In Four Colours Buckbootz Neoprene Lined Wellies Steel Toe & Midsole Fully Waterproof & Comfortable A Favourite In Industry
    • Be interesting to hear how you get on. I need new wellies myself and would prefer safety. I bought some hyena 'waterproof' safety riggers a few years ago, they are solid and give good protection but are uncomfy and not remotely waterproof! 

  • buckboots for me too non safty as i cant wear them neoprene lined to keep the feet warm in winter and they are quite ankle hugging so do not slop about 

  • Cheers guys will look them up later. Have a great weekend 

  • Oliver, having worked in farming where 12 plus hours on your feet is the norm I  always wore Nora dolomite wellingtons,  you will find these are the most popular in the farming community.  They are extremely light and comfortable,  they are unlined so most wearers use Bama Wellington socks which are best described as thin slipper type over socks, these not only keep feet warm but any sweat is transferred to the outside layer so feet stay dry. Generally you need to allow one size larger in the wellingtons to allow for them. Long time since I left agriculture but still wear Nora wellingtons when needed.

  • I wear wellies from time to time. Always get safety boots. Best pair I have ever bought for money/comfort are site wellies from Screwfix. They cost £20 and I got a pair of foot beds (think there called that) I can wear them all day without noticing. That said as soon as I'm on a dry site I much prefer boots.

  • Dunlop every time. I've had mine 3yrs used every day. Aigle are comfy but don't last

  • Buckbootz all the way 

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    Bekina Steplite - quite hardwearing and comfortable, seem to be resistant to chemicals too.

  • I too have buckbootz, I wear them all day in winter. They are comfortable and warm but a little on the heavy side

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