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Weibang Pro 48 BBC roller mower review.

Good afternoon everyone,I thought I'd start doing my review of the Weibang Legacy 48 pro roller mower with BBC controls. I have now been using this mower a couple of days and here goes with my opinions.

In recent years I have used my Viking MB655VR roller mowers and it is so hard to compare these two mowers as they truly are different in almost every way. Let's start with the build quality on the Weibang, i had high expectations and this mower exceeds in every aspect, it oozes quality workmanship, you can see why Weibang are willing to give it a 3 year commercial warranty, everything is solid, the drive is sharp, the BBC controls work instantly, the mower rolls beautifully over the ground, the handle bar adjustment makes the weight (all 65.5 Kg) of the mower obsolete, I find it no more cumbersome than my old Honda pro to move about, in fact the overall feel of the mower reminds me of the old Hayter 48 pro.

When it comes to WET grass collection I was very impressed, it is NOT as good as my Viking MB655VR, however it is far better than any other roller mower on the market, I cut 3 lawns today all soaked through and it collected very well, now I'm not 100% sure of the specifics but the Blade on the Weibang 48 Pro with BBC controls is different to the non BBC model, I would say that it looks like the high lift part of blade is higher and wider on the non BBC model, so be aware this could be a factor in wet cut collection if you go for the BBC model of the 48 pro.

The Kawasaki engine you get on the 48 pro model is strong and smooth, I had no issues with power output. One of my biggest annoyances with mowers these days is when you finish cutting a lawn and are rolling the mower back to the van, it dumps loads of fresh grass clippings on your nice tidied drive which have been stuck to the underside of the mower, with the Weibang this did not happen, the underside of the mower was clean and tidy, and all grass clippings had made it to the bag, this was a real relief.

I will add more writing and some photos to this post over the coming weeks to update you on how this mower holds up during day to day garden maintenance runs...

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  • Thank you....:-)
  • Thanks Harry. I'm looking forward to hearing about your long term thoughts on the mower. I'm not allowing myself to buy a mower this year, but I will be after a new roller mower next year I think.
    • PRO

      You'll succumb to 'Man Maths' I am sure....

      • Yes , Man maths always wins out...haha
  • PRO

    Harry, just wondering how is the Viking better with wet grass?

    • Hi Scott, well due to the Viking having a plastic grass box which produces brilliant air flow and a super high lift blade it will fill 98% of its grass box even in soaking wet conditions, the Weibang on the other hand has a mesh grass bag and a smaller lift on the blade wings than the Viking, this means it's not as good with wet grass collecting, but tbh the Weibang is still strides above all other roller mowers (besides Viking) on the market, and add the build quality to this I do believe it is a much better long term investment than the Viking...
      • PRO

        Thanks for that I watched a video of the 'Weibang in the wet' the other day, think the link came from ljn, it looked like the bag didn't fill completely. Bit like the Honda's, laying a layer of grass on the bottom of the bag, and then just filling the front, only better.

        Just wish the Vikings were a bit stronger all round....

        • I'd say if you are used to using a Honda then you will be blown away with the Weibang mate. It fills 75% of the grass bag, which is super, it's only I'm coming from a machine that fills 98% to the point it's difficult to empty, but even so if the Weibang continues along these lines then I will buy another, they are a superb machine to work with...
          • PRO

            I'd say the issue of grass bag air flow is key Contractor-led feedback for the Importer / Manufacturer.

            Short term the only answer is to low pressure wash the bag outside, inwards ?

            • Definitely Gary, I would say that Weibang are recognising the issue with air flow, the weave on the Weibang grass box has larger holes than most grass bags on the market, its better than the Hayter and Honda grass bags for sure..:-)
This reply was deleted.

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