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I’ve been using clinic ace weedkiller for a while now and was hoping you guys could tell me what else I could use that’s stronger.

how do I get some of the stronger weedkiller?

i have no certificate and have not  been on any courses.


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  • Rosate 360 TF is the pro weed killer. 20ml to 25 ml per litre for knapsack spraying. This equates to 250 litres of weed killer [at 20ml per litre]. Less than £30 on ebay including delivery. There are many suppliers on there. 

    • Is there anything that kills seeds. 

      Im spraying large are of weeds and they just keep coming back.

      i need some Chernobyl grade weed killer that will kill the seeds and stop re growth

      • PRO

        Fire kills (most) seeds, otherwise they can remain dormant in the soil for up to 20 years.

        Spraying of any weed killer, other than in your own garden, requires a licence and training.  Training is part classroom and part practical.

        Most weeds are killed by absorbing the 'spray' through their leaves.  A fine mist is required to settle on the leaf, too much 'wetting' and it will 'run-off'

        There are many posts on the LJN about pesticides from many much more expert than I.



  • PRO

    Guys, I am afraid I may upset some of you with this.

    If you want to act and BE professional, please do the courses, learn how to mix and spray properly, then you can talk to your insurance company about getting insured to do the work.


    Most glyphosphates do a good job albiet some take longer to work than others. Some are technically safer than others both to people and the environment. 360g per litre ie roundup 360 are MORE than adequate for most situations even at the lower dose rates. Ie 2 or 3 litres per hectare.

    If you are not achieving good results, faulty application, poor or nonuse of adjuvants or water conditioners, poor calibration, worn or unsuitable nozzles or poor  mixing are likely the causes.

    There are lots of places that do the training, please do it then your spraying is likely to be much more effective!

    • I wasn’t even aware I needed a license to use weedkiller, can I do the courses online?

      • PRO

        Unfortunately not. You need NPTC Pa1 and Pa6. Lots of hort/agri colleges will run them as well as independents. 

        The course is made up of practical and theory (2 days from memory)  with an independant assessor on the 3rd day.

      • PRO

        It is illegal to spray pesticide without aPA1 and PA6. defra or sepa depending where you are will have your balls if something goes wrong to the tune of up to 5 years in jail or a £200,000 fine. I I am sure that you would have to really F up for that but it should focus your mind. 

        The course is only 2 days  in length and then two exams but the study to pass the exam is quite heavy. 

  • PRO Supplier

    You can spray amateur pesticides on your own land. Use of ANY pesticide NOT on your land requires a qualification/ licence - technically called a 'Certificate of Competence'. City & Guilds or LANTRA are the only two awarding bodies...
    Let me know where you are and we may have a partner training centre nearby or take a trip to sunny Lincolnshire and do it with us !

    • PRO

      Another option is to get your customer to pay for a qualified operative to carry out the treatment especially if its a large area . 

      Are the seeds from a nearby plant ? is it possible to cut the flowers off before they set seed ?  


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