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Has anyone found any breathable waterproofs that really are waterproof, without costing a fortune.  The ones we're getting aren't exactly cheap, but even so they only keep you dry for an hour or two if it's really raining.  Maybe a bit more when new out of the packet. 

I'd like to get better ones if it be done without a 2nd mortgage!

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  • PRO

    Helly Hansen worth checking out . 

    • PRO

      agreed, have had Helly Hansen Voss trousers for a while based on being recommended on here

  • Thanks Guys, I'll check them out.

  • Tim,

    Yes been there. In the end we took the scientific approach, any good quality waterproofs should have a waterproof rating which is as follows-

    Waterproof rating 0 - 5000mm no / little resistance

    6000 - 10000mm some resistance 

    11000 -15000mm normal resistance 

    16000 - 20000mm high resistance 

    20000 mm plus highest resistance..

    We went to Millets who by the way are closing down so maybe some bargains? The assistant was knowledgeable and knew what we were talking about and we bought trousers and jackets at 16000mm plus about 2 years ago and they have been magnificent in some truly appalling conditions.  Cost was £50 each for the trousers and jacket. The trousers have zip and stud closure to above thigh so you can get them on/off over boots and unlike zips generally are still working despite mud etc . Think you need to find a good retailer who knows their stuff rather than the Go outdoors type place, hope that helps. 


    • Thanks Peter.  Buying from workwear suppliers, information can be variable!


    • I agree but you need to check the breathability rating too.  The higher the waterproofing the lower the breathability


  • Hi Tim, 

    Certainly for work trousers then Engelbert Strauss are better than excellent. Iv  had mine more then 2 years and they have taken some punishment but just throw them in the wash and good as new!never even had to nix wax them. I wear them all day every day in the winter(I have two pairs)
    The Jacket situation is more complicated as for example I use a Barbour wax Jacket when pruning the likes of roses etc. funnily enough I just found out nix wax have a cotton wax replacement product that will do away with waxing . Supposed to be better than the wax but iv no idea yet. For practically all other work I use the paramo, which does cost a silly amount but it's worth every penny, they can be bought second hand from Paramo. Other than that the snickers all weather Jackets are not bad!




    • Thanks Paul.  I've necer afforded Paramo for myself, never mind the team!  Engelbert Strauss look as if they go from cheap to Paramo equivalent, I'll do some research.

      • I have some Englebert Strous stuff, jacket and trousers but find the trousers close fitting, more like they should be worn next to the skin and not as over trousers. Definitely can't be put on without taking your boots off.

        • The ones I have are worn as Work pants, not something you put on over your normal pants.

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