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Van Signage

Morning, sorry for all the questions today. Ive finally got a van, as some of you may recall Ive been working from a Ford Fiesta lol. Just wondering what people recommend for signage.

I want quite subtle branding so no wraps, but m thinking transfers could be the cheapest way to go. Magnetic is quite appealing as well since the van will be our only vehicle. Are there any downsides to magnetics?

I know someone who could do me a really nice handpainted job and I dont envisage selling the van for some years but people dont seem to do these these days. I assume thats due to the issue of selling the van on.


Once again, any advice much appreciated. Stay warm out there;) 

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  • PRO

    All depends what you are after and how much you have to spend.

    When i first started i used magnetic signs, but in my opinion i would get a company to do the sign writing, simple and effective. Wraps are very expensive compared with normal writing. 

    • That is a nice simple design Adam. 

  • PRO

    Personally I don't have any signwriting. Here in the West Midlands we apparantly have one of the highest rates for van break ins in the UK.  I don't doubt that it would attract business but I just don't want to broadcast the  equipment I have to the wrong sort. Just my thoughts of course and a nice sign written van does look smart.

    • PRO

      I Agree Tony and something i was very concerned about. Its a epidemic at the moment nationwide. We keep are vans free of tools overnight and are parked securely. I wont go into detail on a public forum but our tools are kept in 3 different locations so when we get done, we are not cleared out. 

      Its one of those things, no matter how much secruity you have, if they want to get in they will

      • PRO

        I had magnetic signs made and glad i did as it made them easy to remove after my van got broken into , However this did not stop them breaking in again with all my signs removed .  

        Someone suggested getting signs made which advertise ''mobile beautician'' , I said great idea but what about the ladders on the roof bars  .  

        I did like having signs on my van I feel it gives a good impression , this and a nice polo shirt unifies your business but sadly in these times we live i prefer to invest in fortifying my vehicle rather than sinage . 


    • Blimey this is making me nervous! I grew up in Coventry & my family still live there so I know how much vehicle crime there is up there. But does the fact that it’s signwritten make any difference? I wouldn’t think anyone left power tools in vans overnight these days. 

      • PRO

        Hi Lee 

        I don't think it makes the slightest difference an unattended van will attract attention wether its sign written or not , I have always being targeted leaving my van unattended in public and retail car parks , A total of five times . 

        Time before last i decided it was not viable to keep running a business having to replace equipment and resigned myself to calling it a day if it happened again , unfortunately it did but they didn't take anything of value . 

        Now my van is as bullet proof as it can be but this is making life difficult for me having to disarm all the security measures everytime i need a tool or piece of equipment and because its a small van its reduced my carrying capacity , I think its made me paranoid . 

        Just make sure you dont leave your vehicle unattended in car parks if you can avoid it but sometimes this is not practical . 

  • PRO

    Having had one of our vans done the other day, good quality, eye catching vinyl lettering, cut and applied by a professional doesn't have to cost the earth.

    This is a large van - admittedly as we have used the signwriters before there was no 'design time' as they already had logos etc - cost was sub £250 all in.

    it has been done just a few weeks and several people have already contacted us after seeing 'one of our vans'.....

    • Yes that does look good. I didn’t realise vinyl was that expensive though! 

      • I know a guy that does my vinyl, but you have to apply it yourself. I use him for mine, and it's a lot cheaper to self apply it. There are quite a few on ebay etc doing it.


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