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Trailers for ride on mowers

So.. in the process of setting up the kit for the zero turn, I've been looking at trailer options and trying to work out the best option. 

I'm limited on storage space so I'll be sticking with a 8x5. Single axle utility trailer. The obvious starting point was an Ifor Williams p8E. I've been priced £2100 for a new one with rear ramp, and extended high sides. 

The other option I have found is a trailer front a company called Apache and they do they same set up for RRP 1800 bit have offerede one at £1600. They also do a box trailer, same dimensions but fully enclosed. As the mower will be living on the trailer when not in use, this could be a good option. 

The Apache have a proper A frame for the tow hitch where Ifor and just using a single arm. Does anyone have experience with Apache trailers? 



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  • PRO

    If you buy an ifor Williams the only way you'll lose money on it is if it gets pinched. 
    Setting up all this kit costs a lot so if you have other priorities a cheaper trailer and a better mower is a good compromise. The fully enclosed trailer my only concern would be condensation especially if the mower deck is covered in wet grass

    • I've had a P7e pinched  unfortunately......Pikies even cut the lock I had on it.  Replaced it with an identical one 10 years ago... brilliant trailer very well made. Carried huge loads in it.... probably exceeded the 750 kg limit....... with no problems.   I did consider the P8e at the time..... it was an extra £300 which didn't worry me but the P7e was that little bit smaller making it easier to manoever and park.  If your mower fits on the smaller one, might be worth considering as an alternative size? 

  • PRO

    Dale Kane 6x4 with high end for loading carries my Hustler Zero Turn

  • When I did grass cutting I had a trailer for the ride on that I could tow behind it when needed. So I used the same trailer to transport the machine & to use on site to move materials around.

    • Yes that's what I've done. I've got a Ifor p8E and a tow hitch on the zero turn. Worked well the other day when doing a big leaf clean up. Filled the trailer and pulled it to the giant compost heap. Loads quicker 

  • PRO

    Tim where did you get your trailer from? What zero turn did you decide on in the end?

    • Jake, ingot my trailer for the Ifor dealer Cotswold trailers. Went for the Ariens Apex 52. Originally was looking at the iKON but the Apex has got some worth while improvements giving you more of a commercial set up without going down the full out commercial route. After doing over a month's worth of research the Ariens was coming out on to for me personally for capacity, speed, build quality and cost

      • PRO

        Thanks Tim 

        52" zero turn that is sure to make you some money the speed on them is crazy 

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