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Hi folks


I am looking at a new mower. I am 99% sold on a Toro as i prefer the personal pace system to others so its choice between the Super Bagger and the Recycler


The Super Bagger has a Honda engine, I never recycle and the chute is considerably larger than on the Recycler .... but the Super Bagger only drops down to 30mm lowest cut

The Recycler drops to 25mm (same height as my current mowers) has a marginally larger deck, larger collection bag and better handle design but as the chute is smaller wary of collection capability.


Can anyone give me some feedback on the collection capabilities of the Toro Recycler ??

If i go for the Super Bagger will an increase of from 25mm to 30mm (quarter of an inch) on its lowest setting be noticeable to general finish? .. Will customers be able to tell the difference?

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  • PRO

    Hi Paul I have a Toro TX 159 personal pace re cycler , It's a few yeas old now and very reliable , It may be smaller than a machine you are considering but it struggles to cut long grass on maxium height , i find the personal pace mechanism doesn't quite deliver the drive required and it stalls the machine , many a time i have had to strim long grass of around eight inches high before the mower will run and then it requires a few passes before the lawn looks decent . 

    I dont rate the finish on the lowest cut and the mower leaves tyre tracks on some mossy lawns but its a steady mower that will run all day long and leave an acceptable finish as long as your client doesn't want the lawn scalping . 

    I have achieved a better finish with similar mowers which do not have the personal pace system .

  • Neither machine will be great in medium length wet grass. There are other mowers for that. 

    • PRO

      Agree with Dan 

      Here's an example of how other machines i have used perform on the exact same lawn . wet grass between four and six inches in height . in order of best performance 

      1. Viking 545 

      2. Honda Izy 

      3 . Qualcast 

      4 Toro TX 159 

      There are other machines i have not tried 

      The Toro was my only mower at one time , It's done alot of work . and is good once the grass is at a manageable height on routine visits and on long stretches the personal pace mechanism is a nice feature .  It has its place and i have found it incredibly reliable , it will be doing some work next week knocking down some medium dry grass in recycle mode which will save me lots of time and trouble having to bag up . 

      • PRO

        thanks for feedback chaps. I have been using the Hayter R53 which is the same model as the Toro Super Bagger for last 6 years and have been very happy with it. Im a big fan of the personal pace, controversial, as i know many people are not keen, but when set-up correctly I think is superb. I have tried a couple of 21" Honda's Izy's over the years (variable speed and single speed) but the the single speed is just too slow, the variable is too clunky and both are too stiff running for my liking.

        The Hayter/Toro isnt perfect by a long shot but for my needs (multiple small to medium sized, mainly flat residenial stuff) is the best compromise for weight, free running wheels, speed of travel, finish and manuervrability. Downside as already pointed out is collection in the wet isnt great, but then neither was the 21" Honda (16" Honda however is a gem) but i can/have live with that.

        A dealer i spole with this weekend believes the Hayter R53 is being phased out completely and Toro are concentrating on their own branded Super Bagger version model (i am aware they are same company) but according to spec the Toro version lowest setting is higher at 30mm against the Hayter at 25mm which makes me a little nervous. The recycler version (which i have never used) drops to 25mm but less powerful engine and chute is narrower.. I will probably buy another R53 before they are phased out but slightly swayed by Toro Super Bagger as has the Honda engine but as said the 30mm lowest settting is a concern.

      • PRO

        I keep being tempted by Viking/Stihl mowers but read mixed report. Thinking I may try there smaller model for next season to see if is an improvement on the 16" Izy. 

  • PRO

    I wouldn't worry about the 25mm vs 30mm setting - people won't see much difference and the 30mm will be more helpful to the grass in terms of extra health. We encourage people to cut at 1.5" plus if possible for lots of reasons, from stronger roots, shading out weeds, keeping more moisture - all of which will give a better looking lawn.

    We'd never use the lowest setting whenever we cut so a bit of a moot point really.

    • PRO

      thanks Andrew. I'm in total agreement with you regarding slightly longer being better

  • PRO

    Went for the Toro 20899 in the end. Thankfully i needed not worried about cutting height. It looks to be the same. The mowers are very similar with just a couple of tweaks on the Toro .... one of which is what they call a "blade accelerator" which adds a couple of e small solid fins designed to increase air flow. Be interesting to see if it works. 

  • PRO

    Are these weekly cuts at 25mm? I very rarely cut a fortnightly at anything lower than 45mm

This reply was deleted.

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