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Stihl lawn edger

We have a Stihl petrol kombi unit and are considering buying a lawn edger attachment.

Do we go for straight or bent shaft?

Are they any good?

Its going to be used solely for cutting grass back against kerbs, concrete and tarmac on large commercial sites that inevitably will have a high proportion of stone at shallow depth under the grass which the edging blade will strike.

How long will the blades last?

Opinions and advice please on all of above, thanks.

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  • PRO

    I actually don't have one of these but my understanding is that bent shaft attachments have a very weak drive shaft compared to straight because they have to be flexible to go around the curve

    if your hitting stones regularly which is probably inevitable the drive shaft may not last long in the bent shaft

    keen to hear others experiences as i have considered one in the past, seem less likely to break a window than tipping the strimmer over

  • PRO

    I used one many year's a go. They're much more violent than a strimmer, they spit stones, I wouldn't use one without a visor. Was only a few hrs use.

    They're for cutting in edges are they not. I Prefer using an up turned Strimmer for trimming edging. 

    • Agree............ an upturned strimmer can cut through quite a good thickness of grass/earth to give a good clean edge against a concrete path etc.   Many years ago did use one of these attachments.....  it worked but was really any better than using the strimmer head. 

  • Our dealer has the straight shaft version on offer at £120 inc vat, we can recover the vat so at £100 wiil buy and risk it

    • PRO


      I have previously thought about buying one for lawn Edging rather using a half moon.

      I'd like to read your feed back on it after extensive use.


      • Yes will let you know, its going to be used to cut edges where none exist and grass is growing over pavements roads etc

  • Is that blade just spinning like a brushcutter blade?  That looks absolutely lethal!  Surely that's going to throw stones even worse than a strimmer on edge?

  • PRO

    Personally I have never got on with them - I prefer to use a decent half moon!

  • Hi Peter, 

    had one on my echo combi for a while. I wasn't a fan , had the straight version which was a bit too powerful, exhausting using it too, and can easily get away on ye. It does a job but it wouldn't  be super accurate in terms of quality either.. I gave up on it but if a cm is not a cm the. It might be fine i, if tou get me!



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