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Stihl HSA 45 Hedge Trimmer

I have a Lidl 18 volt hedge cutter that I use for dead heading, light trimming etc - I use a Kombi as my main cutter.

I was going to replace it with an Einhell 18 volt but then I noticed the Stihl HSA 45.  Has anyone used one? I considered the Stihl HSA 55 but it's too heavy for this work.

I am weighing up not having a removable battery against Stihl being better quality. I have only ever used one battery so run time shouldn't be an issue. 

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    My stepson Simon has one, we work together and I've just asked him about it and his exact word were "they are shit". Take an age to charge and don't last long enough when using them.

    You should probably consider one with a removable battery such as einhell if you need a cheap light set.

  • PRO

    No strong opinions?

    • PRO

      For dead heading i use the little Stihl hsa 26 cordless shrub and grass shear set for example dead heading lavender and perrennials , The battery seems to last forever . 

      I prefer the grass shear attachment for dead heading which seems to stay sharp , I use the longer flat shrub trimming blade for chopping off the odd long random shoot but not on anything requiring precision shaping it might take too long but certainly a good tool in my kit for dead heading but use with caution pref with a gauntlet on your other hand .

      I looked at the Stihl HSA 45 with the integral battery , I liked the idea for trimming new wispy shoots on some berberis topiary but ended up buying a Stihl domestic cordless HSA 56 hedge trimmer with battery and charger which is fit for this purpose and good on soft stem shrub pruning but would be over kill for deadheading . 


  • I like the Einhell (PowerXchange) 18V gear, not tried the hedgetrimmer but have the battery scarifier, jigsaw and their tyre inflator machine is excellent. The batteries are good but do not work when left to get too cold (lights flash) until they warm up. I use them as powerbanks while out and about, for charging other kit like my LED floodlights as you can buy a USB adaptor for a tenner that slots onto the battery packs

    • Thanks. I think it will be Einhell.  I find the 36v just too heavy for light work.  There is an offer running on the Bosch but I might get an Einhell chainsaw at some time so the universal battery is attractive.


  • I use a battery powered Stihl hedge cutter. It is one of the best things I've ever bought. Very light compared to my bigger petrol hedge cutter. It saves my joints from aching big time at the end of every season. My muscle mass isn't what it was 10 years ago and I find i can use the battery one all day long without any difficulty.  It has introduced me to and now becoming a convert to battery powered tools over petrol. I keep my petrol unit in my van as well but only use it  with the compatible attachments for the real heavy stuff. ..which is rare these days. Oh my blower is still petrol as I don't find the weight a problem with it. Mainly due to how it is held which is very differently to all other power tools. I hope this helps 

    There are a lot of deals around right now so take the time to shop around 

    • My neighbour has the smaller Stihl petrol cutter & I found that too heavy.  Then I discovered that the battery version ( 2.9kg excluding battery) wasn't much lighter.  So it had to be 18 volt.

      People complain that the Combi is heavy but I find it really easy to use provided you harness it at the balance point.

  • PRO

    That sounds like a toy, get the HSA 86, with AP batteries. One battery lasts a full day for me, as it's only trigger time using power. I started off with one 4 years ago & now most of my kit is battery powered.

  • PRO

    Give Oregon cordless a look.  Available from screwfix and Amazon.  I have all the range and have a 3 year warranty if you register the purchase. 
    I am not thrilled with the strimmer but everything else is robust and functional.

    the long reach reach chainsaw is top notch 

  • I tend to use a Stihl HSA66 for non heavy duty trimming, with the smallest capacity battery; but can see that an even lighter 18 volt hedge trimmer would absolutely fit the bill for a lot of jobs and do them in comparable time for less physical effort. Some of the 18 volt kit is pretty good, have tried it. Although an 18 volt blower, for example is better suited for helping a charcoal barbecue to get going, rather than leaf clearance

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