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Stihl edger update and further problem

For those who requested updates on the Stihl kombi edger, yes it works, lot faster than cutting manually. Now for the cons, leaves a ragged edge so have to tidy up with a strimmer but no big deal. Next issue and it's not really the edgers fault , where the grass has obscured the edge of the hard surface it is very difficult to gauge where to position it, you either end up striking the edge of the hard surface or cutting too wide. Where the grass creep is minimal so you can see the edge you can make rapid progress.

Now for the next problem, we are working on sites where the grass creep onto the paths which are tarmac is substantial and the grass has rooted into the tarmac, so trying to separate the cut edged grass from the path is challenging, currently using a stainless steel dutch hoe which has been sharpened to slice through but it's slow and hard. Looking at the Stihl kombi power sweep which is basically a rubber flap rotary brush, has anyone used? Would it work? It's too wide so as the head is in 2 halves can you remove one half and just use half the head? And can the 2 halves be used either side so that removed half can be used to replace the worn side.

Or has anyone got any suggestions how to solve the problem of separating the grass from the tarmac.

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  • PRO

    I have the bristle brush attachment, thy can be fixed either side of the gear box. No experience with the power sweep. Judging by the bristle brush slow performance you may be disappointed with the power sweep. Can you hire a Industrial sweep machine.  I'd kill the grass prior before removing. I'd be tempted to use a mini digger with a grading bucket if is thick.

    • Thanks, spoke to our dealer who says the power sweeper will not work.

  • how aboutone of those circular wire brush attachments for the strimmer to replace the usual head.  They're pretty cheap onEbay.... £15 or so.   To be honest, they're not particularly well balanced so you get some vibration but they might do the trick.   I'm sure you've tried but I usually find I can strim growth along with soil/debirs like this down to ground level with the ordinary strimmer head and cord..... have to be a bit persistent when there's quite a thickness to get through. 

    • Tried, no use with either, thanks anyway.

  • if you are just cutting the top off it will regrow you have to kill the roots 

    • No we are not just cutting the top off, total removal

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Trade green waste centres

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