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Scarifier and aerator

for year’s we’ve always hired aerators and scarifiers but this year I’m thinking of investing. What do you think of 

camon LS42 scarifier

aerator Billy goat PL1800



I’d appreciate hearing what ones you rate the most. Or should I just carry on hiring?

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  • PRO

    Hi Jessica

    I've used the bannerman scarifier a lot, and really rate it. In comparison to an Elliet one I had before there's no competition. A good point with the bannerman is that the 'depth of cut' adjustment is incredibly easy.

    I know you're a long way from me, but if it's of any interest I have an unused Bannerman that's been in my garage for a few years - works great, it's just that I have two of them ( long story ! ) You'd be welcome to have it for a really good price - we could always meet up somewhere half way between us if you're interested ?

    Let me know if you're intrested?


    • Hi mark is your spare banner man still available?

    • PRO

      Hi Gavin

      Yep, the spare Bannerman is still available


      • can you contact me to discuss selling please? info@lclscotland.co.uk

  • Hi JUessica, I own two Camon LS42's AND a Billy PL1800h. I'd recommend both.

    The Camon is probably the most popular hire scarifier for a reason. The GXV engine is superb, blades are well-spaced (quite close), the machine tracks the ground with a floating front axle, starts and runs beautifully. It's the best in it's class as far as I'm concerned. Height adjustment is good. 

    The Billy aerator is good. It's the up to date Plugger. Similar to the LA25 in some ways. It's almost over-engineered. Great flexibility to use hollow or big solid tines. Again,. a superb Honda engine (the only engine I want on this sort of tool). 

    Only issue I've had is wheel bearings giving up... first time was 100% my fault as I tightened them up incorrectly and crushed them. The back has just had a bearing issue today actually, so I'm taking it to the dealer next week. 

    I'd buy the Camon scarifier, and whatever aerator you can get from a dealer in person, Camon or Billy. I wouldn't get a drum aerator such as the bannerman if it was my only machine as you're limited with choice of tine. 

    I also have a bannerman with fracture tines, worth keeping an eye on the used market. 

    Loads of pics of my machines in action on instagram @g66lawncare

    • PRO

      I agree, the BIlly Goat is good. We had the same issue with the bearings. It is a very odd design, there is too much space inside the wheel for the bearing so if the wheel is overtightened (easy to do) it sinks in and grinds off over time. We've put spacers inside the wheel inbetween the bearings to prevent this happening. You'll also notice the grease nipple on the wheels does nothing! At least on ours.

      • Yep, I'm planning a spacer. Any pointers? Just a bit of pipe? If you happen to know/remember what size that'd be amazing! 

        • PRO

          From memory I think it was 22mm copper tube cut to about 20mm. Took a bit of trial and error getting the length right.

          • I'll get the hacksaw and callipers out and set aside a morning! 

  • Hi Jessica,

    I have a bannerman aerator Ba4 . If your busy doing alot of aeration it's a good option. You can change the reels from fracture tining, where you remove no cores, to actual core aeration, 2  slit aeation reels and theres also a seeding reel. 

    While core aeration is better than fracture,  it's easier to sell the service over here, where less work involving core removal is entailed.  I will core aerate every 4th year.  It's not the lightest of operations,  especially when you add the extra weights which come with it, but it does an excellent job for me. As for a scarifier I have an Eliet 501, also very happy with that and very easy to adjust the height control..

    Hiring or buying? Depends on how much you want to pursue that area. How many clients you have booked in for this work?? I have about 15 on average. Makes it worth it for me but to others not. 






This reply was deleted.

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