Prune huge hedges in the pouring rain?

Do any of you prune large connifer hedges in the pouring rain? I’m in having had to reschedule a job like this today due to poor weather, and am feeling guilty! The connifer cuttings are a mare to tidy up in the wet, my steps are slippery, and I don’t like knackering my hedge trimmers by operating them in the rain either. Having to walk on borders and grass just adds to the bogginess and mess. Just me?

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    I think you've answered your own question Chris.

    Just re-schedule the work and wait for a nice dry day. I always found that wet conifer was tough to cut and often tore rather than cut.

    I know it's a pain to lose out on a day's work but at least you can pick up on it soon.

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    Same here I have abandoned a hedge today for the same reasons, no point making a mess and risking a fall (ask me how i learnt this after a broken pelvis). its hard on you and hard on the tools but i still see others working on but not worth the extra effort(water makes cuttings very heavy).

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      Thx both of you, too true :)
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    Can't control the weather Chris. We can work smart around it though.

    I was out before sunrise mowing in the knowing it was coming. Knocked on the head for 11am. On sitting back in the van I'd written about a 7 bullet point list of things that need to be ordered, altered, looked into, designed etc. Plenty of off the tools jobs that can be done. Maybe that hedge trimmer of yours needed some maintenance anyway? I never run out of jobs! 

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      That’s true ... gave it some thought, have now got 8 things to sort ... thx ... kind of ;)
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    No to hedges in the rain stupid idea.
    I have been cutting grass in the rain today that’s something I don’t normally do but going away Saturday so needs must
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      If i was three quarters of the way through the job and it started to rain i would more than likely continue to get it finished but would not start cutting hedges in the rain .  

      Usually have to shuffle jobs around the weather this time year , Sometimes its difficult first thing in the morning to decide wether or not to postpone a job due to adverse weather but once that decision has been reached i don't look back .

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        I’m fairly similar if I’m honest. Once ive put work gear on truck I’m going! If I haven’t.........
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      My van is in for repairs but I managed to make my way to a large property I do weekly. Was stuck using their Hayter 56 in the rain... I will be glad to be back behind the lawnflite next week.

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    I stopped work today working on a now muddy terrace I finished all the cutting back but couldn’t clear it through the house into the skip in the torrential rain. Got a phone call from the client questioning me as the builders had carried on working! Some days just aren’t fit for some jobs.
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