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Just after some input from you guys

Going to be doing a lawn scarification and overseed/top dress but because of the naff weather we have had it has taken me ages to get the weedkiller down on the lawn. I have to wait 4 weeks before seeding and that now leaves me at June the 1st for doing it. 


Do you think that this is getting a bit to close to the summer and seeds drying out in the heat or do you think it will be fine. I know it probably depends on the weather at the time but welcome your thoughts. 


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  • PRO

    As long as the client is willing to water in dry spells then I would say crack on. Make sure you have it in your terms and conditions that you are not responsible for lack of water after completion and make sure you get paid straight after. I have let clients borrow my long hose pipe and sprinkler in the past.

  • Agree with Stuart, should get good germination, water regularly till established then taper off watering. 

  • PRO

    Just depend on the weather as you say, and the client. Would they water it dilligently or could you set them up on a timed sprinkler? Is it in the shade or full sun all day etc. It's impossible to say.

    The main thing is just to talk with client and say this is how it is, weather stopped us before and we can do it now. Maybe offer to come back in Autumn to sort out any areas that dont take. How much you offer for free etc is how good a client, prospective future client they are and how much you rate, taking all factors into account, how much work might be involved at a later date.

  • You could even go as far as buying a sprinkler head and adding it to the job cost, its more likely that they might actully water the seed then, as even with the customer stating they will water the lawn, they often dont follow through (Stuart's advice on making it their responsibility by written agreement is a good idea).

  • Agree, should be ok if they water, but deffo top dress.


    • PRO

      Thank you guys. Putting my mind at rest. 

      It is a large front garden 300m², two thirds in the sun all day the other third will be mostly shade.

      The customer is a regular of mine and I have worked here plus 2 other properties for them. Never had an issue with payment or any questions asked regarding work. I can come and go and do what ever i want. A very good customer if you know what I mean.

      They are at home 90% of the time so shouldn't see an issue with them not watering. 

      Expect a heat wave and 38 degree temperatures now around the start of June 🤣

  • I had similar issues with laid turf, and also reseeded areas in the past - the biggest issue is trusting the owner to water religiously. I bought a battery powered water timer,  multi-way adaptor, sprinklers and hose set, and now rent that to customers after doing such work. The setup paid for itself in only a couple of months, and means the customer doesn't have to remember to water- system does it for them every morning and evening.

    • PRO

      Good idea. Thanks

    • i hav had customers saying they are on a meter and wount use the hosepipe just a watering can 

  • I scarified etc etc etc etc one of my customers lawn on Saturday, first time I've ever done it for a customer. What I thought would take me 3/4 hours took me all day. I was a broken man at the end of it :) I finished off by laying fleece all over the lawn, took 200 metal pegs to secure it. As my customer are very elderly and lovely I have offered to water, for free, if they are unable to do so. I always get cups of coffee, a nice chat and bottle of wine at Christmas, and doing small free stuff is good for the soul.

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