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Founded in 2008. The Landscape Juice Network (LJN) is the largest and fastest growing professional landscaping and horticultural association in the United Kingdom.

LJN's professional business forum is unrivalled and open to anyone within within the UK landscape industry

LJN's Business Objectives Group (BOG) is for any Pro serious about building their business.

For the researching visitor there's a wealth of landscaping ideas, garden design ideas, lawn advice tips and advice about garden maintenance.


Next phase of LJN development to commence next week

I have today agreed the development costs and the roadmap with our development team to upgrade LJN to provide some exciting new tools and facilities to LJN.

Work will start this coming Monday.

  • There will be a mix of enhancements to Premium membership
  • A powerful lead generation matrix that is fully automated and possibly have an escrow account built into its heart.
  • The facility for potential clients to post either projects or tender documents as well as download lists of suitable contractors based on their profile (there will be new, more sophisticated, profile pages for Premium members.
  • I have listened to what you have said about the restrictions of free members' profiles and we are going to re-introduce a certain amount of information on existing profiles.
  • A stand-alone trading area for product suppliers.
  • A job board to post available positions as well as a place for job candidates to upload CVs (this will be the last development).

These developments will see changes to the existing Ning site as well as several bolt-on enhancements create bespoke by our developer. However (I hope) that any changes will appear integral and seamless. The only possible clue may be a change in page address. Otherwise you should feel that you are still within LJN.

Connecting with the consumer

Since its inception I have tried to face LJN so that it  is found by the potential consumer as well as the landscape industry participants. We are the only organisation to have marketed directly in this manner.

We have always attracted consumers looking for designers or contractors and/or products and suppliers. I know of many examples of contracts being won via LJN but there must be many hundreds or thousands that have slipped through the net.

Just today and yesterday I have had enquiries from someone in London W2 looking for a water feature and someone looking for a second-hand diesel chipper.

LJN's new core will be able to record these transactions and push potential leads directly at contractors straight from the consumer. There will be an audit trail.

Connecting with commercial clients

We will also provide the facility for commercial managers to create lists or potential clients, who meet the right criteria, via the site. Commercial clients will also be able to upload tenders directly into LJN.

Supplier trading area

LJN members have often asked for an area to purchase machinery, products and services, directly through LJN. Well soon you'll have it. Suppliers will be able to upload their products directly into a dedicated trading area and apply voucher codes, special offers or one-off deals for LJN members.

Job Board

I've often been asked for the facility to upload jobs or adverts seeking employees.

This has been a hit-and-miss system relying on people seeing the jobs in the forum or on Twitter or in the Saturday newsletter.

Soon there will be a dedicated job board. This will allow members and non-members to upload adverts and find new employees.

Free membership profiles

I've listened to what you've had to say about the closing down of members' profiles. These proposed changes will unlock a certain amount of information, meaning you will be able to see more detail. Not sure how far to take this at the moment but I will reveal more as the development rolls out in the coming weeks.

I'm very excited about this and I believe these developments will further help connect landscape industry practitioners with potential clients.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.





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  • Thank you phil.

    These changes will certainly put LJN at the heart of alot of businesses and their future development.

  • PRO

    That all looks very interesting, will it be available to pro members only or to all members?

  • PRO

    Hi Nigel (or Tracy:)

    These changes will impact everyone and they will be self evident when they are delivered.
    However, as you'll eventually find out, Premium members will have several advantages.

    Pembroke Gardening Services said:

    That all looks very interesting, will it be available to pro members only or to all members?

  • PRO

    Tracy! Nigel's computer illiterate ;-)

  • The job board is a killer of an idea phil. Any type of support for recruitment will be of massive benefit
  • Looks interesting!

  • hmmm, looking forward to it Phil, sounds good.

  • PRO
    Great ideas Phil, even more reasons to become a premium member, which I will be doing shortly.
  • PRO

    Landscape Juice Network is the place to be. Long live LJN!

  • PRO
    Exciting times for all of us.....great vision and strategy there Phil :-)
This reply was deleted.

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