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New mower time!

Hi guys. I've been in business 7 years and it appears to be time to buy a new mower. I've been using a Hayter 41 Pro roller and AS 420 Superclip mulching mower, the combo has worked well. But I managed to wreck the engine on the Hayter and it's £530 to replace, really should check the oil more often! 

So I'm thinking of getting a 4 wheeled collector rather than another roller as a more practical all rounder. The mulcher is great but some clients don't like it, if grass is damp like it often is and long it leaves some cuttings. 
I'm thinking of either the Weibang Virtue 53 ASD or Honda HRX 476 HY. Either that or just get a cheap Toro/Weibang. But even though I can't afford it I'd prefer to get something that will last. 

Does anyone have any experience with these mowers? Or any suggestions. I'm a one man band, specialise in quality garden maintenance. Many thanks, Lee

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  • As posted on here numerous times the Honda HRX 537 HY or the smaller 476 are bombproof and will mulch or collect well, we run 3 commercially and wouldn't buy anything else.

    My only thoughts going from a roller to 4 wheel is the issue of tramlines

    • Thanks for your reply Peter. I've been out to a couple of Honda dealers today. I liked the relative lightness of the HRX 476, but was worried about how robust it was in comparison to the HRD 536 HX and Weibang. 
      I'm also still unsure of the benefits of having hydrostatic drive? Is this something that can help with mulching in different circumstances such as long or wet grass? 

      • Hydrostatic drive is a fantastic option when mulching or collecting as the speed is infinately variable to the conditions, as to robustness I would have no concerns ours are doing 30 plus hours a week with multiple operators who abuse them . Not even had a cable go in 5 years! Lovely mowers to use and as said we would not buy anything else

        • My Hayter has variable speed, not hydrostatic, but I've always just kept it on full speed. My dedicated mulcher is self-push, so if i hit a section of lawn that doesn't mulch very well I just pull it back and go over it again. I suppose with a powered machine you can't do that so might want to slow it down if conditions aren't perfect. But you can do that with any vari-speed, so it's hard to comprehend what is so good about hydrostatic. 

          I would probably need to get the 19" because I don't think some of my clients have the access for the bigger machine, which means I'm stuck with the Polytough deck rather than the Xenoy that your machines have. 

  • I have the Hondas and won't be buying another , as I bought a cobra pro M53HST as a back up and it's knocked the smoke out of every other mower I've bought including stihls and etesias and are a lot cheaper 


    they do a kaaz. , lawnflite , cobra pro 

    they are all the same mower and are phenomenal 

    • Thanks Stephen, I wasn't really aware of that brand but they do look amazing. I'd say similar price to Honda currently though. 

    • I think the lack of mulching puts me off. Having used a dedicated mulcher I've come to regard it as essential for the health of the lawns now. I think if I was going to buy a machine without mulching it would have to be a roller.

      • Apologies I thought

        you said HRH but I have owned the hrx 

        yes could go roller , but nothing I've used collects like the cobra :) 

    • PRO

      Kaaz, lawnflite and cobra pro are all old model rebranded honda's. Probably with the same chocolate honda gear box.

      The honda hrx hy models have a hydrolic fluid gear box, apparently far more durable than orginal honda gear boxes acourding to honda website. 

      My hrx 537 hy has been flawless over the past 4yrs. 

      It needed a new bb cable last season. New blades this year. Just ordered a new mud flap for it cause it had perished.

      Great sign for the gearbox when Peter says he runs his for 30hrs over 5yrs and not had a new gear box. My honda hrd gear box died after three years.

      Hrx 537 hy best mulch an collection mower ever. Mulches better than dedicated machines. 

      Stephen why did you give up your hrx?


      • Yes was a good mower and not too heavy , I purchased a cobra pro when my Honda needed some work and was in the workshop and I've used them ever since , for me they have just been the best mower overall what ever we throw at it , I've never tried weibang but my dealer has just started selling them , but why change if your happy with what your using

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