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New Hayter harrier 56 pro

so who is looking forward to the new hayter 48/56pros?


Only thing I’m not sure on is having the small Honda engine on the 48 pro. Where the previous pro had the big Briggs which is actually a lot cheaper. Apart from that they look great. 


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  • PRO

    I'm not...had a look at the 56 pro and toro version of it at Saltex. The toro looked / felt far more robust, more commercial than the Hayter.

    • Interesting. It’s heavier so might be the reason it feels more commercial. But heavier isn’t better. 

  • PRO

    don't think there's  much to worry about  as my etesia 46 pro is the same engine it's a 2011 model ex council and has had a ton of abuse from me  the worst of which was a 42hrs of beech hedge cutting, to remove 4-8ft of sucker growth and 2ft of each side then used it as a mulching machine  for all the trimmings engine stalled a few times to as the blade got jammed by the sticks  and it's still going strong 

  • I am a big hayter fan . Been using 56 pro's for a long time.  . They are not without fault , but theres nothing better . New model looks to be a big improvement too  . 

    • Yes. Have you watched the video I put up above? Or search 2019 Hayter 56 pro in YouTube. A few good videos up by Gregs mowing. I like the Toro prostripe also. 

  • I'm keeping an eye on that as well, Have noticed Hayter seem to have replicated on the new 48 and 56 the design which they must have trialled on the 41 (which seems to have been much better at collection).

    Reading the threads on here, I'd probably go to etesia but the roller/stripe thing is something Id like to maintain.

    I'll see what feedback comes in on wet collection before deciding though.

    • Would like to try and etesia. However hayter seem very confident in these new pros. They compared to honda hrh and claim to beat it easily. Looking forward to it. I think 48 will be underpowered but you can adjust engine revs easily on those gcv engines. 

      • Yes I'm not buying any of the marketing guff, would like to get some feedback from other people tbh.

        Not sure about the Honda HRH (I have a HRX426 and thats probably worse than the Hayter in the wet!!)


        • Sensible Pete I bought the Hayter pro 41 on the strength of some You Tube reviews....now I wish I'd bought another Viking MB 545 !!!

          • What makes you say that? The 41 pro is great. Esp if you know how to get the best out of it. 

This reply was deleted.

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