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Net Dispatcher or Jobber??

Hi All,

I have tried to look at this before and am going round in circles! I have looked at both Jobber and Net Dispatcher and am struggling to get my head round the practicalities of both.

Landscope currently service some 400 domestic customers on a fortnightly basis for grass cutting and anything else, we have a number of commercial customers that we offer the same service to which keeps the vans on soft landscaping / maintenance very busy through the season. in addition to this we carry out one off jobs like weeding, annual hedge cutting for customers, one off grass cuts and the likes.

What I am looking for is a way of removing the carbon copy invoice system that we put through the door of every customer on each visit, then one comes back to the office and gets manually inputted onto a spreadsheet. then we download the banking details onto a spreadsheet and with the cheques etc consolidate all this to make sure that we are receiving payment. Its a complete bugger! takes ages and I would like to automate this system.

What's best, who is running a similar setup and can advise?



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  • PRO

    Hi - I'm currently trialing Jobber and I'd have thought it would be ideal for your situation.It sounds as if you might need to consider getting as many of your clients as possible to pay online after sending them out a single invoice at the end of each month?

    Once you have all the info ie email addresses, job details etc,just load it all into Jobber and then it will track who owes what and prompt you to invoice. It could be your stand alone invoice system if you wish,others like myself prefer to sync it with QuickBooks and use that software for invoicing instead.

    Jobber can also be used to schedule your work and track the progress of each job through the day if you wish.

    I'm not familiar with the other system you mention so can't comment on that.

  • PRO

    Anyone else use either of there and can help??

    I would be especially interested in coming to see them in action??



  • PRO
    We use Jobber for roughly 110 domestics on a fortnightly cycle but I haven't been brave enough to sync it to QuickBooks for invoicing purposes.

    We use it for scheduling and it has all client details in as well as specifics and site plans if required for each job and to facilitate that each van is issued with its own iPad.

    I will eventually sync it to QB but I don't think it is flexible enough for our needs at the moment - i.e. Billing one off extras on a job.
  • We use Service Autopilot that does just about everything automatically.

    It does CRM, Despatching, Emails, Estimates, Invoices, Collects payments via CC, Marketing, Equipment tracking, employees clocking in-out, snow ploughing, Just everything!

  • PRO Supplier

     Anyone looked at eworks manager  it is a UK based system rather American.  I wondered whether American based systems like Jobber and Service Autopilot fit the UK market?

    Workforce Management Software - Eworks Manager
    Workforce Management Software - Eworks Manager - Manage all your operatives in one management software - START YOUR FREE TRIAL TODAY
    • PRO

      Jobber supports the U.K. +44 locale, inc VAT, A4 format etc and integrates into QB Online UK version 

      The last time I enquired about Service Autopilot direct with their Support Desk they did not recommend it for use outside of the US and had no major users here. UK compatibility was considered to be sometime away. Would be interesting to check for an update

      Clearly worth looking at eWorks as I still want to migrate away from QxExpress and a U.K. system would be ideal.  

       Do note a number of ‘UK’ field service apps are becoming available - perhaps we’re catching up with the US ?

      Workforce Management Software - Eworks Manager
      Workforce Management Software - Eworks Manager - Manage all your operatives in one management software - START YOUR FREE TRIAL TODAY
  • PRO Supplier

    Hi All.  This is the response I received from Service Autopilot yesterday when I enquired of usage in UK market and suitability of their product for us, VAT, telephone formats etc.

    We have had a lot of interest in Service Autopilot outside the United States and Canada. Although we have had international clients sign up for our service, we feel our product is not quite ready for use outside of North America.

    Specifically, we need to better address for our international users:

    • 24-hour Support
    • Specific currencies
    • Date formats
    • Telephone number formatting
    • Credit card processing
    • Handling of sales tax/ AMT/ VAT/ PST, etc. for the specific country.
    • Potential interface with other accounting/payroll software.

    Our current international clients are having to deal with a number of workarounds in addressing the system's limitations. This is time-consuming, as well as, frustrating for them. We are committed to making Service Autopilot a viable and useful tool for our international users; however, we do not foresee this happening until later on.

    Again, thank for your interest in Service Autopilot. If you are still in need of a software solution in the future, please check back with us.


    Service Autopilot

    Looks as if this option remains a non starter for us guys in the UK - Hope this helps.

    • PRO

      In reality, little has changed with service auto pilot in over 5 years then......that’s still the same stock answer. 

      I wonder how Adrian makes a success of SAP.. Maybe he could give a run-down of its use in a reasonably large uk landscape business ?

This reply was deleted.

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