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need help !!! landscaping back garden!!

hi there am lanscaping back garden new turf to be put down , have just used a turf cutter and rotavator on front garden it was hard wrok and that was not really a flat surface , the back garden however is a nighmare !! 

its all slopey and want to move soil to make one slope if that makes sense, im thinking of just using a hydrolic rotavator to cut the turf to shreds then just turfing over !! as using a tuf cutter will bounce on slopes? is it okat to just rotavate it to fine soil then lay turf? thanks ian any suggestions much appreciated, below is photo ,,

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  • PRO

    Hi Ian,

    I would make the effort to remove the turf first. It will be a LOT easier to do this than try to level the area when full of chopped up turf clumps.

    We normally strip the turf, then go over the area with a stone burier to give a great finish, or a small rotovator in tighter areas.

    It helps to cut the lawn as short as possible before using a turf cutter too, this will give a more consistant cut. What turf cutter were you using?

    Gary (GB turf)

    • hi gary!!! thanks so much for your reply  and great advice,, i did think it woul be too clumpy , i hadve so many different levels around the garden to get the finish if that makes sense, its been driving me mad thinking about it ha ha !!! so you suggest using turf cutter after i cut the grass to lowest setting, i hired a honda turf cutter done the front yesterday, ooo stone burier you use that never heard of one of them, so the turf cutter would work on slopes too? then once all turf off use the stone burier and then just rotavate the clumpy areas, do you suggest i dont have to rotavate whole area? thanks so much 

  • Use the turf cutter, trying to rotovate that would be a nightmare. If you’re not in a rush, you could RoundUp the grass, in about 3 weeks it should be good to rotovate and level.

    • thanks sean, yes willl try and get better turf cutter and then rotavate it after , altho am temoted in sing a stone burier as gary suggested in replys , just need to see if i can hire one, this garden is so slopey like, also used turf cutter on front garden i struggled on slopey bits lol 


      • PRO Supplier

        Sean's suggestion of killing the grass works well in conjunction with a Power Rake. The machine will easily pull out the dead grass and work up a tilth. Cut the grass before applying the chemical.

        The advantage of a Power Rake, as opposed to a rotavator, is that it will grade the surface and work up a fine tilth, but won't disturd the sub-soil. Consequently, the job gets done much faster and you won't get any soil slump once the first serious rainfall comes along.

        • hi paul thanks so much for that information and your help, i rented a turf cutter and managed to get it all up, that power rack looks brilliant, was going to get hdydrolic rotavator in ? do you sugesst just the power rake now all the turf has gone? what im trying to achieve it to bring the lawn on more gentle slope, as its too bumpy at moment and so full of stone and stuff , i have added you as a friend on here , can private message you if thats okay? thanks ever so much regards ian 

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