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Hi and a happy new year to one and all. I had a mad cap idea which may provide something to an individual and also help a charity From the age of 15 years I played in pop bands eventually hanging up my instruments at 50.

In recent times however I became interested in song writing. 8 weeks ago I was diagnosed with cancer and after the initial shock I was inspired to write a song about my life, love and eventual passing It's perhaps a little morbid for some but as life goes by we mostly know the feeling to lose people we love.

Most of us know that Phil has his own fight going on with cancer and so I approached him about my idea with the proceeds going to Landscape Juice for donation to a charity. Phil and family liked my song and gave me their blessing to post in on the site. So the idea is, I have uploaded the song to a site named "Bandcamp" see link at the foot of the page.

When you click in the link it should take you to the image as shown below. Click on the arrow and the song should play, hope that you like it If you would like to download the song then click on the 'buy digital track" follow the instructions and for £1 it's your with 100% of the proceeds going to charity.. Bandcamo will take a percentage of the download fee but I will cover that and forward the whole £1 to Landscape Juice.

Unfortunately cancer has or will effect most of us in our lives and am hoping through this initiative that in a small way our community will help to overcome this devastating disease I will add periodic updates to cover any donations received.

Thank you in anticipation of your support. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!







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  • Thanks to Gary RK for his very generous donation to hopefully get the ball rolling.

    Come on gang it's not about the song or the singer it's about supporting 

    something that we hope we will never need but for sure know someone who does. 

    Cancer is devastating, let's do our best to help.


  • A big thank you to Stephen Budgett for his generous purchase of the

    charity song.

    Thank you.  

  • Another big thank you to LJ member Paul Doyle of Chelsea Landscapes 

    for his very generous gift towards the cause. 

    Thank you 


    Keep them coming !!!!

  • PRO

    My wife is still suffering the effects of her cancer so it's great that your doing this even tho you are going through it yourself. Hope the road isn't too bumpy and you get all the support you need and get the cancer beaten.

  • PRO

    It is staggering how much this illness now reaches us all - family, friends & colleagues and stunned by how many on LJN are personally touched by cancer.

    I would hope we all support this great LJN member charity initiative and gives us all a chance to make a contribution - no matter how small or large.

    In the meantime, watch this thread for further news.

  • PRO

    Thank you for your efforts Gordon.

    As Gary says, cancer affects to many people (inclusing family and friends). It's a sickening disease.

    Thanks too to those who've donated. I'm trying to think of a suitable charity - hopefullly related to horticulture - that monies can be donated to.


  • I think you need to re do your heading Gordon. Something that's gonna pull the punters in. ' this one amazing trick saved me a grand on fuel' kinda thing..

    The very best of luck in your battle!

    • Hi Paul

      I think you are absolutely correct and have wondered if that is possible to do mid stream. 

      Assuming it is possible then suggestions please !!!!!!!!

      Perhaps to highlight that despite some very generous donations 

             that just £1 is fine and good. 

      I didn't want to alarm or stress with a sensationalist heading but 

      maybe something a little more hard hitting could motivate the mass of membership to chip in just £1 . How good would that be. 


      Perhaps a simple "Buy this song NOW for a £1 to help beat cancer"  Just in case members wondered,  I will not gain anything whatsoever in promoting the song I wrote.. it just happened and seemed like an opertunity for good..

      This is my personal view only.  I believe many of us have enjoyed over many years the benefits 

      that LJN has provided with minimal financial support to LJN, me included. Although this initiative will not provide any financial support to LJN I personally view it as an opertunity to acknowledge what Phil has created for us all to use "for free" and to demonstrate some 

      real sence of caring for the situation Phil, and possibly several other members and families find themselves in..

      Many charities are supported in numbers by people directly affected by a condition or situation. That support is often family 

      and I was hoping that LJN would respond and support as a family. 

      I hope that I have not overstepped the mark with my personal view. 

  • A big thank you to Dave Coulton for his very generous donation 

    in the fight against cancer  

    Thanks Dave !!!!!!


  • A big thank you to Ian Hartman from Coffee Casper who has generously

    donated towards our charity fund to fight cancer. 

    • Top man, keep them coming.
    • Thanks !!!
This reply was deleted.

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