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multi tools

hi everybody.

i am starting a gardening round in february and looking at geting a multi tool and money is a bit tight . so i was thincking geting one to start off with and use as back up .are any mid range multi tools any good i have been looking at the cobra.cheers

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  • PRO

     Efco DS2400 was my only multi tool after my stihl gear got stolen . It still works after six years in fact i used the strimmer to take down some long grass in a meadow last friday . 

    I actually used some cobra strimmer cord and didn't have to bump the head to get fresh cord , just slighlty worn on the end . 

    My stihl km 94 multi tool has not lasted quite so long only 2 years .

  • I've just switched from the Stihl kit to Echo, a little more pricey but the lack of vibes is making a huge difference to my working day, I haven't tried the Cobra kit, but would say that it's an investment worth spending a little extra on. Good luck 

    • cheers for the info harry

      • Titan do a long arm hedge trimmer/chain saw/ brush cutter and line strimmer for 170 quid. Not exactly top of the range but reliable. Good old cheap and cheerful chinese efficiency

        • PRO

          Screwfix who sell Titan have a really good customer technical helpline and send replacement parts out by first class post . The pole cutter is made by oregon and very good . 


        • thanks i will luck them up

  • Last year I bought a Parker leaf blower for my strimmer man to use. It came with the vacuum kit also, weighs the same as the BG86 and has worked faultlessly and cost £79. They make all manner of combi kits which are ridiculously cheap. Judging by how good the blower is and how cheap their gear is, I would have no hesitation in buying more of their kit if I was on a very tight budget or just starting out.

    They sell all the spare parts you would ever need and sell them cheaply. If you buy anything from them then buy it from their own website. It is cheaper directly from them than on ebay, where all the chancers advertise these things with a tenner on top for themselves.

    • not heard of them i will luck them up thanks

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