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Long reach hedgetrimmer

I know this is a widely discussed subject but I am really not sure which direction to go in,

I am in the market for a long reach hedgetrimmer as my entry level titan is not really good enough, but did a great job, until I got up and running for about 4 years.

I have looked at many forum discussions on here but cannot settle on anything. I have 2 stihl strimmers and blowers so dont really need a kombi and dont have that many large hedges to do but am struggling with the titam.

My mate (also a gardener has a kombi with the long reach attachment and it is great) we work together to help each other out on our individual jobs and he recommends the kombi.

I am after a used (preferably) or new long reach. what are your thoughts on 2 sroke or 4 mix or battery ( I used to laugh these off at toys but after reading reviews and watching you tube I am tempted to go for the stihl hla85. I realise this would be very heavy at full extent but could keep short with it being teloscopic and have the scope to use at full length at the oddI have been offered the stihl hl75 for 300 quid with delivery in good condition and am tempted with that.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated as I am going round in circles, there is a stihl dealer 2 miles away from me so would probably want to go with them but huskys, echo etc. dealers are not far away.

I know this is a 'how long is a piece of string comment' butI appreciate any help


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  • PRO

    Hi Paul, 

    Hard to advise but from what you have said the combi sounds a sensible choice. If you dont have the work for a fixed long reach then it hardly makes sense for it to be lying up. I have the Echo pal265es and would rate it very highly. You can also get a 1m extension for that, which has been a gosend at time. Throw on the chainsaw attachment and you can see where im going..



  • I use stihl kombi (km 94) I never have a problem, but I've noticed the blade build on the new version don't look great, whatever you choose make sure you get the version so you can change the angle, I've used the fixed version and it can be more awkward than useful sometimes.

    • Thanks guys, I would want the articulating head as even with my titan it is so much easier,The trouble is from the likes of the titan up to the stihl and echoes there is nothing mid range price that seems any good.

      Buying something decent would make some jobs quicker and neater and I wouldnt have to turn away some work, (mind I am 53 and these tall wide hedges dont get any easier which Is why I am tempted with a lighter battery stihl.

      I also hve a pruner attachment for the titan which is great so just think the kombi is unneccessary.


  • If you've already got a Stihl strimmer and it's got a straight shaft, you could just get the hedgecutting attachment that you can swap over with the strimming head. I've an FS94..... not a high-powered machine.......... but operates the hedgecutting attachment with no problems.

    • PRO

      I have a Titan combi as a spare machine , Have used the long reach with extension for tweaking after cutting mainly with a stihl 94 combi with hedge cutting attachment , The Titan is a good machine for the money and the pole cutter attachment for which i bought it is superb but its not as refined as the stihl if you want a machine that will keep going all day . 

      The choke operation on the new stihl combi is a bit erratic , a push in lever on a spring doesn't always engage first time on mine , The new hedge cutter attachment initially i did think is this a serious hedge cutting attachment compared to the old one but after using it many times now it is performing really well , I keep it lubricated with a silicon spray . 

    • This! All Stihl kit with 1" shafts (so everything up to the FS310) is mix and match. You can swap shafts, implements and engines at will. Takes just twenty seconds with a torx driver once you get the hang of it.


      • Unfortunately my strimmers are fs40s so have the curved shaft.These are more than adequate for the many small gardens I do, so I didnt need a bigger, straight shaft.

        With hindsight I should maybe have went for the kombi with strimmer attachment instead of buying the 2nd fs40.I had to buy one as the first was in for a repair to the carb and my ancient b and q back up had packed in a few weeks earlier.This would have made the decision easy to just go out and buy the hedge attachment.

        I think I might go for the used  hl75 I have seen but 300 quid including postage sounds a bit steep as I think they area quite old model.

        Thanks for the replies

        • I'd be very wary about buying any secondhand stuff............... it's usually had an absolute hammering with commercial use (quite likely soomeone on here selling it:) ) or isn't very good.  If you can't find something that's just had light domestic use, it's worth finding the extra cash for a new one.  If the blades on a secondhand hedgecutter are worn, a new set will set you back any money you "saved" on the secondhand item.


          • I've noticed that the build quality and general robustness of the new Stihl kombi attachments is, frankly, shocking. I would buy a new engine and second hand attachments, then repair replace parts as needed

  • Have a look at this review for the Sthil battery stuff, he's done a couple of others if you search his vids


    Sthil Battery HLA65

This reply was deleted.

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