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Lawn fungus ID

We have a client with a lawn we laid last autumn, which has struggled.  I went to se it the other day, and part of it had what looked to me like red thread, although there was no actual threads visible.  He hasn't fed this year, so I told him to feed, but said I'd spray with fungicide.  I went back to spray this morning, while the dew was still on the lawn, and saw this white fungus in other areas of the lawn.  The nearest I could think of was snow mould, but it seems like the wrong time of year for that.  Can anyone help with an ID?





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  • Would agree looks like snow mould, a broad spectrum fungicide should surt

  • as snow mould (wich i think it is) is usualy a winter spring thing iron sulphate is usually reccomended 

  • PRO

    The mower has a blunt blade - this also contributes to lawns getting diseases.

  • PRO

     Those blades are as sharp as the back of a spoon.  I would be sharpening them and doing a few cuts after a good season appropriate feed.  That alone should improve colour and look of the lawn.   I would be doing ALL the usual good practice things first before I even talked to a customer about an often fairly expensive fungicide.

    The whole blunt blades thing TOTALLY DOES MY HEAD IN - how can you 'cut' anything with a blunt tool.  Still regularly encounter a twenty year old Honda that has never been cleaned, and never had the blade bolts turned and they wonder why the lawn looks poor.  Don't even start me on "Nice and Short"

  • PRO

    Usually fusarium on lawns that are overwatered and overfed but should grow out at this time of year

  • Thanks folks.



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