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Glyphosate is banned here in France so gardeners landscapers had to seek an alternative. That alternative isn't systemic, it only kills on contact, it's called pelargonic acid. 

As you'll be aware, glyphosate translocates itself in a systemic way so as to infiltrate all of a plant's root system - especially useful for rhizomatous and stolonerifous plants that send their underground and overground stes to infiltrate and hide amongst desired ornamentals and food crops.

I did a little Google search and discovered that polargonic acid (nonanoic) was approved by the EU in 2008 but has actually been used in France since 1863. It's being pushed now in garden centres.

One intersting fact to note; polargonic acid is an earth friendly organic herbicide.

Pelargonic acid based herbicides won't kill roots of pernicious tap-rooted plants such as dandelion but it will check growth and if potentially disturb a weed if that weed isn't able to photosynthesise. 


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  • Was having a browse in Wickes yesterday (other garden centres are available) and found Roundup 'no glyphosate' is acetic acid ('vinegar') and Westlands Resolva Zero is pelargonic acid.  Will be interesting to get feedback from LJN users.

    • Thanks Tim. I have been looking for pelargonic acid for a while and coundn't find any. I spoke with a gardener in the States about the court case with Monsanto and he believes that there is a lot more to it. His view was if it's used correctly with the right PPE he couldn't see how there could be a problem. But then they say that everytime there has been a problem with any chemical.

      I have just hand weeded through a graden and it is isn't fun but safe and better for the environment.

  • PRO

    Would like to trial this 50/50 at a business park alongside R/Up


    New Way Weed Spray | Vinegar Weed Killer | Natural | Total | ProGreen - ProGreen
    New-Way Weed spray is a new total weedkiller for all weeds and moss - Natural ingredients - Free Advice - Fast Delivery
    • PRO

      Thanks for adding this Gary.

      It would be good if you could post photos after use.

      • PRO

        Great thread -- following with interest ! 

  • Has anyone got any feedback on New Way Natural Weedspray? 

    Have ProGreen got any information on how successful or otherwise it has been, and maybe samples? I'm looking at more enviromental friendly products.

  • PRO

    Phil has raised a fantastic question, and it is one we should all be discussing MUCH more, and sharing everything we know about alternatives. 

    I want to leave this here:-https://skeptoid.com/episodes/4676

    Its a podcast which offers one of the best breakdowns of the whole "glyphosate issue" that I have heard.  If you are like me, and spend most of the day wearing ear defenders you will be very grateful for another podcast to listen to. 

    I personally place the glyphosate issue on the same shelf as anti-vaxers, flat earth, alien abduction, big foot and the moon landing hoax.  There is as yet no actual scientific evidence that glyphosate is hamful if used as directed.  This might change and I will change my mind when I see actual proof that glyphosate causes harm.  I am extremely nervous of rushing out and getting the next latest best alternative to glyphosate.  Simply put it will be less well used, less well understood, little of the long term effects will have been researched, like what does it decompose into and what are the effects of those.  

    I spoke to somebody a couple of days ago who had been advised to kill the weeds on his drive by putting down 100kgs of de-icing salt.  Yes too much salt may well kill the weeds but it is much more likely - especially in the current weather- to run straight down the nearest drain.......If he had spoken to me I would have treated his driveway with glyphosate for roughly half the cost of the salt, and it would definitely have worked!  A few hundred milligrams of glyphosate versus 100Kg of salt whats worse?

    Sorry Phil I know this doesn't help you in France, but I think the rest of us should be very careful of glyphosate alternatives for the moment.  The term "earth friendly organic herbicide" is a logical fallacy.  Its marketing bullshit to sell a product.  Pouring chemicals on the earth is NOT Friendly, nor is it ORGANIC.  The whole phrase is b*ll*cks, but it does sell glyphosate alternatives.......seriously would Monsanto have gone to all the effort of developing and testing glyphosate if vinegar did the trick?Graeme Robinson nailed it.  The earth friendly organic way is to dig them out and compost them.

    I expect a flame or two for this post but please listen to the podcast before you reply. It might change your mind......

    Glyphosate and Behavioral Economics
    How misinformation spread over one of the safest herbicides becoming known as one of the most harmful.
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