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Is Diesel dead?!

So Looking at a new van. Is purchasing a diesel going to be a bad choice now? 

We are seeing lots of articles on social media with lots of claims that diesels are going to be hit hard in the pocket over the next few years. I'm sure they are not all true but it has got me thinking. Do I go diesle and face a future of risings costs? Is electric a suitable alternative? 

Any suggestions or comments welcome. I'm in need of a vivaro sized van that can tow. 

Thanks in advance People


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  • PRO

    Many will be thinking the same (including me).

    I can't see the need for any knee jerk decisions as the plans are not confirmed, an Election has shelved many proposed laws for a while, the EU fallout (including pressure from vehicle makers) will all affect the future.

    At a local, city level I can see problems if certain parties get control ((like the London Mayor, the Greens in Brighton and a few more I expect) and will look to offset the base issues by making more exclusion zones locally.

    Short term, leasing may be a good option as you do not carry the liability of a worthless van at the end of the term, but doesn't resolve any fuel tax increases or low emission zones.

    I suspect as this year progresses we'll see gain / more idea of where this will go...

  • In my opinion I think they will be targeting more the SUV and Chelsea Tractors rather than vans and lorries. Until there is a viable alternative to fossil fuel, the emergence of electric powered vans will struggle to cope with the torque needed and critically the need to last longer than the current 100 to 150 miles radius to be considered by the majority of van users.
  • PRO

    Do not discriminate against drivers of diesel cars

    Petition: Do not discriminate against drivers of diesel cars
    There is a move to charge diesel cars extra for parking and travelling in city centres even though the government encouraged the purchase of diesel c…
    • I got a '66 plate diesel Citroen c3 Picasso on the basis of it frugal fuel consumption.......
      • Petitition closed early because of election!!
  • PRO

    The catch at the moment ,,,,, or certainly last Sept, when I bought my new van, is that there are no petrol vans (Vivaro size) on the market - and the Hybrid ones cant tow.

  • Strange, only heard talk of cars, vans and lorrys. When you look at London for instance I wonder how much boat traffic travels the Thames, most of them must be causing a hell of pollution
    • PRO

      And how about Gatwick, Heathrow and City airport? No, its those nasty diesal driving white van men.

      • Can't see that they can do anything as yet to motorists if dealers are not providing alternative engines. The manufacturer should be taken to the cleaners first. I enquired a few months ago for a new van and they laughed their heads off when I mentioned the petrol / diesel scenario, let's not forget that it's not all about diesel, even petrol cars over a certain age are affected
      • Indeed, they are, and airlines have and still are getting away with very low taxes on their emissions. Shipping companies are also not taxed sufficiently with the vast emissions that their ships emit. I actually have less sympathy for ships as the weight or cost of a battery or fuel cell system would not have a significant impact on the overall weight or value of the cargo.

        Planes have to have a sufficient power to weight ratio to lift off in the first place; fuel cells, supercaps and batteries can provide that in conjunction but there is no pressure on the companies that own them to demand those options.

        As others will know from my previous posts I am an advocate of aiming for the lowest environmental footprint hence my e-bike and breathe in the emissions from both diesel cars and vans during the week which is not healthy. The diesel engine is also a poor method of propulsion for short stop and start trips; that won't change.

        However I also realise that will not work for every business and there have been very few clean car/van options thus far. The only choices are a few electric vans, the Nissan, Citroen/Peugeot and Kangoo being the most well known, however the range on the Nissan and Citroen/Peugeot is very low (but would work for certain businesses with a small radius and easy to access overnight charging; second hand options are starting to emerge too but still too costly for many especially given the sacrifice one has to make for range). The Kangoo with Symbio fuel cell range extender is the next up (but still too small for some businesses) however that will be out of the financial range of a fair few businesses. Scale is what is needed for direct zero emission vehicles, and in the case of battery electric, at least double the range. More fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen infrastructure is required to provide a viable replacement for the diesel vehicle. Hydrogen ferries have been trialled in Bristol, will be running in the Orkneys soon and are in small scale operation elsewhere in the world; again scale and incentives are needed to bring costs down.

        Just found this from last year but no word on costs yet but again likely to be at the higher end of the priceband: https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/extended-range-electric...

        Extended-range electric van will be made in the UK
        The new electric range-extender light commercial vehicle will be built in Coventry, alongside a taxi sibling model
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