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Hi, I'm a gardener myself but I am about to pay a young lad to clear my father in law's garden, it'll involve using my equipment including a large petrol strimmer. I've suddenly got nervous about what would happen if he had an accident while on my family's property, using my tools, unsupervised. Should he have Personal Injury insurance? Should I have some kind of insurance? Or can I accept his word that he "not the letigious type"?  

From the other point of view as a gardener myself working for one client, I've not got insurance for such eventualities and have never thought it necessary. Your thoughts would be gratefully recieved.


Thanks, Julia


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  • PRO

    I've got liability insurance and it' one of the first things I did when setting up.

    I must admit that if anyone works at my house I've never checked and always just presumed they had it, I'd like them to have it personally.

    • Thanks for your comment John

  • if he is using your tools and you tel him what and when to do it you are his employer so you will need employers liability insurance 

    even if he says he is not the letigious type if the worst senario happend what would his next of kin do 

    you should get therd party insurance for your self anyway try getting a quote off simpley buissnes (others available) as been posted in the past flicking a stone/gravel hitting a window, car or a member of the public ect 

    • Thanks David, good advise.

  • Hi Julia, I never let anyone else use my tools anymore. They are too rough with them and they end up getting broke. Pull cord being the fav bit to jank to oblivion. Best wishes Sam

  • PRO

    How old is he?

  • PRO

    In years gone bye people generally wouldn’t about it, these days if he is under eighteen and has an accident working unsupervised with power tools, such as the strimmer,  I guess you would end up going to hell and back for arranging it all, particularly if he is using your kit.

    Utter regardless of whether he is eighteen or not, if you are paying him you need to ensure he has some insurance in place.

    If he needs work and is over eighteen, but you don’t want to employ him it may be a good idea to mentor him to help him establish himself as a contractor working partly for you and others.

    To cut a long story short, many years ago I was using chainsaws on a building site when the HSE inspectors arrived, they said what I was doing was absolutely fine, but if I lent the chainsaws to anyone else on the job and they had an accident they would throw the book at me, as at that time I was the only trained operator on site.


    • PRO

      That should have read as “In years gone bye people generally wouldn’t have worried about it”.

  • The chances of anything going wrong is slim but if it does go wrong then you will wished you have taken out the appropriate insurance. Also you must have a risks assessment in place as well as showing him how to operate the machinery properly and safely. He will need to sign it to show that he has read and understood the risks assessment and Machinery use. When it goes wrong you will need to have a paper trail to cover yourself. 

  • Since we had a casual worker damage himself with a Hayterette 30 years ago, I've always taken the view that Murphy's Law is waiting to strike!!

This reply was deleted.

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