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Huge Ivy Removal

I've just been to look at a potential job that's approx an acre, of fully walled gardens with Ivy that's growing all around the 8ft perimeter wall that has been left for 20+ years. The Ivy is approx 18ft high and easily 8ft wide on the top of the wall. It all round! It also runs over the back of the perimeter wall. A HUGE undertaking to remove. To take away the waste would take weeks, possibly months, literally. Too many surrounding trees/houses to feasibly burn. It's one hell of a project but the waste it troubling me. Thoughts please. Anyone here taken on a similar project? Could it be run through a chipper? I'd have to hire one in etc

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  • PRO

    A month ago i removed a whole wall of boston ivy from the front of a house is been there since the 1970's half has gone into a skip which was already available to use , the other half left on site to dry out and once it shrivels up to be dealt with later but yours sounds like a mountain . 

    I have tried to shred ivy in a small petrol shredder but in the green it just bunged the chute up , a different shredder / chipper might cope better especially if the ivy dries out and becomes a bit woody . 

    The other solution i was told about by a client is a massive amount of ivy was removed and it took four skips to remove the waste . 


  • PRO

    Any amount of Ivy in a chpper./shredder will just knot up & bung it up unless run through with other woody material depending on the machine. 

    How about running a mower over it to reduse it down, up on your highest setting to start with. This will still take ages though & you still have to remove it, but it would compost down once mowed over, just let it dry out once you have done so.

    Another word of warning, many many years ago I removed Ivy from a house. It was up in the soffit's, roof tiles, everywhere. I didn't worry about PPE then & got covered in it for days (as well as climbing trees covered in the stuff) I became allergic to Ivy after this, coming out in hives whenever I get it on my skin. So best to cover up, just in case. Sorry I can't give you much mor good news about it.

    • there is something about Ivy that makes me cough and choke maybe some kind of dust that it gives off. Sounds like a chainsaw/hedge trimmer/loppers job. Also if it has compromised the wall structurally it could end up causing damage to it when pulled off

      • PRO

        Yeah I get the same, god awful stuff. I

      • PRO

        I agree with you about ivy 'dust'. At best it gives me hayfever, at worst it gets into your throat. It's horrible. I wouldn't take on an ivy removal job under any circumstances, but even if I'm cutting it back I'd advise the FP3 mask mentioned below which is much better than the general surgical mask, and if I were you I'd wear goggles as well as the dust can get in your eyes. Better still wait for damper weather when the dust is reduced, or consider wetting it with a hose to do the same. Seriously.

  • PRO

    Do wear an FP3 mask, watch for birds nests both for legality in disturbing nest but also for rodent / bird waste (air bourne).

    If stripped off in sensible sizes, will go thru a pukka multi vegetation / hybrid chipper shredder ( like a Greenmech or TS Industries hybrid ) which can be hired, but if it's s small electric or low powered one - no can do...

  • I recently tried chipping ivy and after a couple of hours of getting not very far, bagged it up!!


    • PRO

      That's my fear, would literally take 20 times longer

  • did somthing simular about 8 years ago but only about 40ft long ( english ivy) had chain saw pruning saw loppers ect shovel to prize it off the wall some of the stems were 4in thick it was a hell of a job the only good thing was i could burn it next to whare i was cutting good look with it 

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