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Honda Izy, Fitting drivebelt

Hi All, A query for any of you DIYers.   I have an Izy  (Hrg5367VKE 2015)  that no longer self propels. I assumed this was due to the drivebelt either slipping or being stretched.  I've bought a drivebelt and by removing the plastic cover and steel guides under the deck I've taken off the old one. Problem is the new one simply doesn't appear to fit. I don't want to get the crowbar on the pulley,  (yet!!!), but it just doesnt seem long enough to stretch between both pulleys. Am I missing a trick here? Any advice gratefully received. 

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  • PRO

    Have you taken the spring tensioner off of the rear pulley to allow it drop down.

    • PRO

      Hi Dave, thanks for the reply. Yes, I unhooked both  the spring and the throttle linkage, slid the pulley down but with the drivebelt hooked on, it is too tight to swivel it all back and fasten the spring and cable.

      • PRO

        are you sure you have been supplied with the correct belt?

        • PRO

          Thanks for the reply, Dave. I'd actually called my supplier before posting this thread and asked him to check it was the right belt. They called me back asking for the mower serial no. This morning they got back to me.

          Yep, wrong belt! They have ordered me one up and I should have it in a couple of days. Thanks for taking the time to help.

  • PRO

    I had one of these and was very pleased with it for a couple of months but then the rear wheels kept locking up on pull back. It was something to do with the axle bushes needing lubricating but was only ever a temporary fix .... It seems a pretty common fault so has put me off buying another (i now have single speed version) ..... Have you had any issues with the rear wheels locking on pullback??

    • PRO

      Hi Paul. Funny you say that, but yes! It has only happened since the mower was stored for the winter. It looks a fairly easy fix and I'll do it at the same time as the drivebelt. These jobs should have been done in Winter but....I didn't do them. To be fair to me, I've kept busy and I like to enjoy my maintenance jobs and do them in the light and warm.

      My Izy is 4 years old this year and is used as a roughcut mower. It has a far harder life than the roller mowers and I wouldnt hesitate to get another. Was yours a new mower?

      • PRO

        yes mine was new for 2017 season and problem occured within 2months. This is quite a common problem i believe, especially in the USA where the paddle drive version seems to be more popular.  There was a service bulletin in USA and the bushing in the height adjusters were enlarged slightly. I tried changing these with the new version but the same problem re-occured within a month or so .... Then had it looked at again and everything was lubricated .... again, couple months later, the same problem. I had to get rid in the end, which was a shame as the speed of it was excellent at full pace. I believe it only affects the 21" paddle drive  version ... at least i hope so, as I have bought the the single speed Izy in 21" for this season and although carecteristically quite stiff to pull back, no locking of wheels so far ..........but early days. 

        This is the service bulletin ... (USA use different model numbers)



        If you find a long term fix i would be very interested to hear, as apart from this problem (albeit a deal breaker for me) i really liked the machine.
        • PRO

          I had no idea there were 4 different models of the 21" Izy.  I've just looked on the Honda website.  Maybe I've just been lucky, or more likely, there has been some changes made recently. I'm going to do the work as soon as I get a chance so I'll get back to you.

          I have to say though, it would be a huge shame if the newer models aren't going to perform, my Izy has been absolutely great over the years and other than forking out for an Etesia, I don't know how I'd replace it.

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