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Honda hrd 536 QXE vs Kubota W821r

Hi,  I am new to this site. I am looking for any new reviews/comments on the above machines. I am going to buy 1 of the above (the honda hrh is over my budget).  I really can't decide which one to go with, the only real differences I can see is, the Honda is quicker 1.2m/s vs the  Kubota 1.0 m/s.  Kubota has longer handles which don't fold (not a big issue for me) I am getting them both for the same price. Any clues?



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  • PRO

    My comments thus - i have owed and run a Kubota W821R PRO mower for the 2016 and 2017 seasons.

    They are similar but not quite the same machine.

    The Kubota is delivered with the engine set to run slow for noise regulations reasons and is easily speeded up (as mine was). The operating handles are different on the Kubota to the Honda, the handle top is slightly different and the way the levers interlock is different.

    Not sure if the Honda has fan assisted collection or not, the Kubota certainly does.

    The grass bags are a different colour, the rear flap on the Kubota is metal, wheras it is plastic on the Honda.

    If you want a secondhand W821R Pro for around £500, we are selling ours (owner operator run, regularly serviced, high lift blades etc) as due to changing contracts we have replaced it with a 19" version.

    If interested or want more info on the machines -  drop us a email - info@lawncarespalding.co.uk

    • Hi, cheers for the review, still not sure what I'm going to go for. might have to be the honda for the folding handles

  • PRO

    The Honda you mention is an excellent mower and these have been our main roller mower for a number of years now.We currently run 3.

    We did run a Cobra mower that I believe is the same as the W821R and we noticed that even after tweaking the engine,it was noticeably slower than the Honda as well as being heavier and less comfortable to use. The Kubota does have the option of the high lift blade as Adam mentions where as the Honda doesn't and unfortunately they aren't anything special in the wet but otherwise I'd highly recommend them.

  • PRO

    Ref: speed - I understand the Kubota has a higher speed gearbox that was introduced two years and is also fitted to the Lawnflite/Danarm clones.

    I didn't think Honda ever uprated their gearbox?


    FY2015 Danarm 553 HRS ProS
    We've just taken delivery of the new redesigned Danarm Pro 21" roller which is quoted as having a 10-13% faster ground speed, along with a new style…
    • PRO

      Interesting - That would definitely make it more appealing.

  • PRO

    An old thread, but a question I have right now! Shows the value of LJN.

    i have a Hayter Harrier Pro 48 that has been totally reliable for the past 4 years.  I would like something slightly faster and possibly a wider cut, as most of my customers have half to 1 acre gardens +.  I am considering a Honda HRH 536 QX vs Kubota w821r.  Or should I go for another Hayter?


    i'd be very grateful for opinions.

    • I'm a big fan of the kaaz/lawnflite/kubota clones (19" version anyway). But I've just had a weibang Legacy on demo, with a proper split rear roller like the hayters have, which I really liked and has swayed it for me on my next purchase. If you like the split rear roller on the hayter, you might miss it on the kubota or Honda mowers.

      I am just in the process of purchasing a weibang Legacy 56V for a customer. I chose this over the pro spec model mainly because of the weight. Unfortunately I couldn't get a demo of a hayter to compare. 

      Not a straight answer I'm afraid but hope it helps. 

  • PRO

    If you like the Hayter and most of your lawns are large then maybe consider one of the new 22"? That should give you the best of both worlds with them being a wider cut and also quick.

This reply was deleted.

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