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FY2015 Danarm 553 HRS ProS

We've just taken delivery of the new redesigned Danarm Pro 21" roller which is quoted as having a 10-13% faster ground speed, along with a new style gearbox.

They will replace a couple of ageing Danarm rollers (earliest being a 2004 model - used regulalry and still on original gearbox and roller - which has just done it's crank in).

Will be interesting to see if it sets new standards re: speed & finish

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  • PRO
    I look forward to hearing what you think of it as my local dealer has been pushing me towards one of these. But it's a big chunk of money for something I don't really need!! Do want one though and may have to sell one of the other mowers to justify it to the boss(wife!)
  • Interesting, and I haven't really followed these mowers since I moved away from them.

    How are they improving collection if the speed is increased? One of the weak points with any roller mower is wet collection, and the Danarm versions weren't great when they were going slowly!

    What's the change to the gearbox? That was always a strong point on mine, so long as you give them a push before engaging the drive, and I think I had only one failure over about 12 years running them.

    I'd have loved to see a solid box instead of fabric as an option. That was the best thing about the Viking: it just sucked up the grass and packed the box full.

    • PRO
      I think they are supposed to be fan assisted with the fan being above the blade?
      • Richard, is this a revised feature? They've always had a fan above the blade.

        • PRO
          I think it's supposed to be faster/stronger that's my understanding from the guy trying to sell me one.
  • PRO
    Can't find the new pro s anywhere anyone got a link plz thx
    • PRO
      It's on the Danarm website
  • Their website is pretty vague. Have they just used the gearbox from the current Honda Pro Roller ?  Speed has never been an issue. It's easy to increase the revs & my Pro goes like a rocket..

This reply was deleted.

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