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    How much off the sides/top? Everyone has different prices but I can give you a rough idea of what I'd charge

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    It depends on tbe spec agreed with the client!



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    Are you giving a trim or are you reducing the top? Your hourly rate plus waste fees plus 20%. If the acces is bad I'd charge 30%. Don't forget the birds nests.

    • I thought you didn't charge hourly rate? I was told unanimously on here that that was the wrong way to price. 

      • probably refers to one's "internal" hourly rate which is not divulged to clients as they don't understand how quickly and efficiently some of us work with the top notch expensive kit we have invested in

  • Thanks guys 

    she wants it cut back and some off the top (her side of the hedge only)

    The back garden goes on to neighbours but would only be my side. I think they are about 3-4ft wide, maybe 10-12ft high and length 25ish ft I'm really not sure but that is the back.

    Front urm 2-3ft wide, 8ft high at lowest part and about 18 ft long.

    birds nests, is it best to give her a price but it will have to wait until September?


  • £475 plus vat.

    • That's outrageous. I'd be embarrassed charging that for a day's work. 

      • I think Peter's business has a lot of overheads so charges the higher end rate. At the end of the day one can charge as little as one thinks fit. However there is some unspecified upper limit of pricing reasonableness that could be decided by the Police, CPS and a Jury. So for example if I charged 5 grand for that job even if the client had agreed in writing to that price, likely to result in prosecution and a hefty prison sentence. Top notch VAT registered businesses with several sign written vans can get away with charging more somehow as they are seen as legit

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