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Hayter Harrier 41 Pro terrible in wet conditions

Hello all, I am a self employed Maintenance Gardener in West Yorkshire. I have had the Hayter Harrier 41 pro for around 14 month now, it's a fantatstic little mower. I used to have a viking mower but the build quality on them are awful, they feel plasticy and just not very well built at all, you can certainly feel the differemce between the 2.

Anyway, the weather has been pretty awful recently, and cutting the grass in the wet is getting such a difficult chore and a complete pain in the buttocks. I know your not supposed to cut grass in the wet, but if us gardeners never cut grass when it was wet, we'd never make a dime. Also, it doesn't even have to be that wet, just damp. I have to literally stop the mower after every line, if not half a line as it doesn't collect hardly anything in the box and it all gets clogged up in the opening. Is this normal? This lawnmower cost me £800, i would certainly think it should be better than it is when cutting wet/damp grass. After every lawn i have to turn the lawnmower on it's side to blow/scrape all the clogged up grass that's stuck in the drum. My guess is the more clogged up grass in their, the less air flow it can create therefore the more it clogs up? Has anybody got any suggestions why it may be so poor in these conditions? Or is this mower just useless in wet conditions? Many thanks

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  • Is this a new thing or has it always been like this?  Obviously, you've made sure the bag isn't clogged up.... give it a good blast with the hose.  Thoroughly check the shute................ on my Masport, I had a small twig wedged in the side of the shute........ wsn't really blocking it.............. it obviously disrupted the air flow enough to cause problems.  If the blade is badly worn, that can affect the air flow as well.

    • It's never been great in the wet to be honest, but just recently this year seems to be worse, i have thought about the blade to be honest, i do have a lot of gardens which have gravelled borders so hitting gravel eventually puts horrible dents in the blade. I will buy a new blade and see if that helps at all. I'll get it out the shed this weekend and use the hose to clean in. To be honest it's the first mower that has the hose attachment and i keep forgetting to use it to clean underneath

  • Hi Jamie. I bought the pro Harrier 41 this Spring and it's been a very similar story for me this last few weeks. The mower is fantastic in the dry but in the wet it just simply is not good enough. And yes I regularly thoroughly clean out the grass bag and the mower. These revamped Hayter's were supposed to fix their long standing issue with poor wet collection but from my own experience they seem pretty much as poor as they were before. Out of all the mowers i've used over my close to a decade gardening, the Hayter's are one of the best in the dry and one of the worst in the wet and the new versions continue that trend.

    Out of interest, which Viking was it that you were using previously?

    • Ahh it must be the mower itself then, really does suck considering it's an £800 mower but like you say, it's fantastic in the dry conditions.

      I believe it was the MB545 VR viking model. I bought it from Stihl where i buy all my other stihl equipment, they recommended it and said it was great for cutting wet grass, which to be fair it was, but the build quality just didn't feel great. I think i had it a month then it was back in the shop every month as something was always wrong with it. Had it just short of a year and sold it for £100 then decided to buy the Harrier 41 pro. I still have a motif 48 i think it is in the shed which i use if anything goes wrong with my other mowers, had it around 6 years, still starts after a few pulls and probably cuts better in the wet than the harrier

  • I bought one last year after my old Viking 545r gave up the ghost...I found exactly the same its pathetic in the wet so pathetic I haven't taken it out of the shed yet this season and probably won't...waste of £800 !!

    • What are you using instead Graham?

      • I've been using my EGO cordless mower which isn't the best mower in the world..until this week when I've been using my second hand Etesia...I will buy another Stihl 545vr when funds allow !

  • Hayters are KNOWN for being useless when it's wet. And who says "I know you're not supposed to cut in the wet"??? That's simply not true. 

    • PRO

      I think Hayter spread that rumour so people wouldn't find out how bad their mowers are in the wet lol


  • PRO

    I have had a viking 6 series since last season and it cuts in the wet fine,i had a 7 series before that same in wet and a honda before that which was a poor wet cutter . the viking mowers may not be as solid as a honda etc but i would rather be cutting grass when i want to and replace the mower more often than sit at home waiting to cut grass with a mower that will last 10 years

This reply was deleted.

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