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Driveway weedkiller recommendations

Hi all, does anyone have advice (product recommendations) on how to keep large parking areas (gravel and or block paving areas) free of weeds without spending a small fortune on 'path clear' and suchlike?

Thank you in advance


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  • Chikara or Pistol are great.................. one application now will keep it completely clear for the year.   Its not cheap but its good... you're looking at £150 roughly........ but its highly diluted in use so once you've bought it, you'll have enough for years.  I should point out that theoretically, these herbicides are not intended for use on blockpaving but they are extremely effective. 

  • We also use Pistol on our hard surfaces. 30ml per litre seems to kill pretty much everything and then keeps the weeds down afterwards too as it's residual. 

    • PRO

      I've found that once a month treatment of glyphosate is more than sufficient for most places. is chikara/ pistol suitable for gravel? I thought it was only for railway ballast or am I being daft?

      • We use it on all hard areas, gravel, driveways, along the base of walls etc. Kills the weeds present and really reduces how many then grow the rest of the season. We find that you need to wait for the weather to warm up before using it as it doesn't work that effectively if you start using it too early in the season.

        • PRO

          That's good to know, all weed killer seems expensive but if you look at the sqm coverage  you can quickly work out if it's good value or not.

  • I can't stand driveways. I just tell them that I'm an organic gardener and don't use chemicals. If they want to use weed killer they can do it themselves.

  • Public Member

    I don't have a problem with weeds in my gravel drive such that I think I need a residual herbicide, but I am curious on two points:
    My driveway is gravel (on hardcore / hoggin), with lawn alongside. Will these chemicals "travel" into the lawn? or are they just a pre-emergence type to stop seeds germinating perhaps?
    Also, my driveway has perforated drainage pipe in a gravel trench which deals (very effectively) with torrential rain. That goes into rainwater harvesting and subsequently onto the garden. Would that harvested water be safe for garden irrigation?

    • PRO

      In theory you would only use a residual once a year, the dilution is massive - and one assumes you have massive storage tanks somewhere - thereby further dilluting things. All that said I would proably avoid - you can ask the manufacturers at info.uk@certisbelchim.com. 

  • PRO

    If you don't like the chemical route you could use white vinegar with a bit of salt in it. 

  • Thank you all for your advice, greatly appreciated!

    I havent set up notifications so am slow in reaponding

    I don't have a backpack sprayer just a 2 litre which seems to empty quite rapidly...would you recommend attending a course from the business (or any other) perspective?

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