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damage to lawn

it has been that dry here that this lawn has onley been cut 3 times this summer yet the so called lawn care folk have treated it twice 

they have been told not to come back, also talking to a couple local gardeners about it and other local lawns are in the same state i know of 6 households that have sacked them because of treating the lawns in the bone dry condishions 

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  • PRO

    Some don't always listen and turn up like clockwork soldiers to do their thing . 

    I had one try to convince me their magic fertilizer works better in the heat because it sweats . 

    But there are others who know their stuff and dont turn up in drought conditions even though their businesses might be struggling .

  • PRO

    So the lawn care service are to blame for the soil moisture of the lawn, rather than the customer not owning a hosepipe? It would have needed cutting more than three times if the blades were used at a considered height of cut. Mowing and watering are out of the lawn care guys hands. It's fortunate that our lawn care customers haven't abandoned us because it hasn't rained much. There is such thing as non-scorch fertiliser; it's not new technology just professionals at work.

    • PRO

      I don't really understand your comment here Jack. Are you saying it was correct to treat the lawn twice during a time when there was no soil moisture? How does the height of cut affect a lawn which has already died back? I'm not being awkward by the way, just trying to learn more about lawn care!

    • not you personley jack i think God is to blame for lack of moisture in the soil as for irragation i think you would have to do it 24 hrs a day as we have had next to no rain for 3 months and baking hot sun so as for the light shower  it has evaparated off straight away 

      if you put fert down then it has not rained before your next visit and you do it again its getting twice the amount it should when it rains this is not good for a lawn

      • PRO

        David your posts and comments are showing a clear lack of understanding and a scary ability to blame others in an area you have no expertese. Either learn more or keep your mouth shut as you are just showing your ignorance. One inch of water applied once a week would be plenty to keep the lawn allive. This costs about £5 on 100m2. There is no reason the lawn could not be treated if it was already being properly cared for

        • Ian

          the lawns were treated by lawn care cos whome turn up to the job unanounsed do there thing and leave a bill in the letterbox, and you do not seem to comprehend just how dry and hot it has been as one inch of water would not make any differanceas it would evaparate  as quick as you put it on 

           also the water companeys were advertising in the media telling folk not to water there lawns to try and save drinking supplys without putting a hosepipe ban on. Even the weeds were not growing so no pestersides were needed 

          it might say on the label not to apply in drought conditions also it seems to have hit a nerve with you as to your curt reply 

  • PRO

    There are plenty of lawn care products that will lay in wait during dry conditions. They are ok to apply, and when it rains, they will be there to help the lawn de-stress & recover more readily than if not. If you don't adjust product for conditions, then yes, poor results. But thats true anytime of the year with adverse weather.

    As for mowing height, you raise the cutting height before well before it dries out and goes dormant. That way you're shading the soil, encouraging deeper root growth and stressing the grass less. Having said that, normally the lawns we mow don't go brown during the summer with raising the cutting height soon enough; not so this year. It's been really hard.

    • PRO

      Sorry gents, l tried to reply twice to this on my laptop and it disappeared on both occasions.

      Andy has put it together nicely. We know what we are doing yet we were still working through the summer applying the best product for the conditions. The level of lawn care bashing on this forum this year has been disappointing. 

  • PRO

    Thanks for your comments Jack & Andrew. Jack, I'm sorry if my words were clumsy,  my comment was more to learn from your experience than put anyone down in any way. I don't consider turf care to be one of my areas of strength so learning from experienced professionals on LJN is great. 

    • PRO

      Sorry Jim, just me being a bit touchy early morning with previous posts this year here considered. 

      The more plant you have above the surface, the more achorage is required and a greater root mass can be sustained. 

This reply was deleted.

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