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Chipper crossroads

  1. Hi, I’m currently in the predicament that I have a lot of hedges to cut and getting rid of the waste is a pain in the neck and so was considering investing, I do not want to move into tree surgery and so would not want a tree surgeons grade chipper! I’m probably leaning towards a portable one I have a panel van and trailer and a transit tipper. I was wondering what everyone’s thoughts are, has anyone taken the same route?
  2. what experience does anyone have with one 
  3. i got a quote of 4K yesterday for a green mech cs100 which to me was a bit expensive, I would rather one around the thousand pound mark, however is the ones at this price point are too useless I wouldn’t bother 
  4. thanks

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    Look at the Eliet range of multi vegetation chipper shredders. We have Elirt Professional4

    Often available in hire centres, fits across most vans bulkhead, compact with no ‘ sticky out ‘ bits, honda powered and often available for £1k - &1.5k.

    A lot of views on the forum on this and similar machines - use the search function to find.

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    Quality and reliability of a chipper i bought new for £500 called the handy garden chipper is excellent mechanically but for me there are more cons than pro's with a small chipper . 

    Its limited to chipping branches up to 30mm dia so first i have to grade branches by lopping them to length and thickness and stripping bits off for them to fit down the chute and end up with a pile of branches that are unsuitable to chip anyway and too much green stuff such as a pile of laurel leaves will bung the shredder chute up all this is time consuming before i even start chipping . 

    With alot of preparation , patience and time the machine and process works well to produce mulch and chippings but its not a machine to drag around as a quick fix to get rid of thicker branches and some types of hedge clippings its far too slow a process .




  • PRO


    Wouldn't go for a chipper, for hedging and other green materials you will be better off with a shredder style machine. Larger ones can still demolish 3" diameter branches, just feed them in more slowly.

    Think it also depends on the work, so for privet/ conifer trimming a shredder will be a waste of time, for reductions, chunks of hawthorne, small trees and shrubs definately a time saver, and waste is reduced down to less than 20% of its original volume.

    I have an Eliet, early Superprof 2000, wide chute, hydro feed, shredding drum and knives rather than the chipper type blades. Fits in the van, wheels are driven so easy to move around. 

    Buy the biggest you can afford and get in your vehicle, the wide chute design speeds up loading waste no end, and there is very little waiting for waste processing, so you almost constantly load them.

  • I wouldn't do it for the simple reason that your gonna waste alot of time on shredding with a small machine.I use old windbreak netting which I first lay out , about 40 metres at a time, roll up in no time and empty into a trailer. Job done. It's just easier in my opinion. My clients wouldnt want the chippings in their garden anyway.

    I have used the Eliet machines in the past for a weeks trial and maybe thats your first option..They are excellent machines in themselves. The newer versions use disposable blades which is handy enough. You just buy a box in the beginning.  Easy to bring around. Easy to unblock when needed. If your gonna buy one , get one which has a shoot. Iv used the drop down versions and they are a pain as you have to keep moving them and of course useless to load into a trailer..

    But as I say your gonna waste a lot of time shredding in my opinion and £ 1000 on a machine won't get you much... I'd be starting at £4000. But that's just me.


    Best of luck

    • PRO

      Good point not every customer appreciates chips and especially fresh ones they take nitrogen out of the soil , best to stack them for a while before use . 


  • PRO

    I would advise against the CS100 personally. As I've mentioned elsewhere on here,lots of time and expense involved with blade replacement.

  • Hi I had the same problem I bought a elliet 4s which cut soft waste, just done a massive hedge job, winter tidy last year I overfilled 14 ton bags, this year 3 half full bags which let for few months you can reuse as mulch and charge and saves tipping 

  • We currently have an elliet super pro which is great  and works really well however as we are doing more larger stuff we are having to hire in a tow behind to take up to 7”. I’m now looking st selling the elliet and replacing with a tow behind. The elliet is great as you can take it through a standard single gateway which was ideal when we started out. 

  • PRO

    I have a greenmeh cs100 which is absolutely fantastic. Jo Beau chippers are also supposed to be pretty good and certain models may be less £££s  than the green mech.. 

  • PRO


    as the others say go Eliet! 

    We’ve had a major 4s and now a prof 5. It’s a total beast and we put whole trees through it with ease (after the brash has been processed down to 2-3inch thick lengths) 

    worth getting one with an auto roller feed as the other models without this get blocked easily unless you are totally in tune with the hand feeding. 

    Not cheap but you get your money back within a year or two.

    we also re use/sell the mulch on after composting it a bit in the yard. 

    If your client allows you can chip into the borders/ under hedges and the nutrients get recycled over time on site, better for the gardens health! 


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