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Buying pesticides

I find it both annoying and frustrating that I have to, quite rightly, do at least two courses and tests to apply pesticides anywhere but a supplier just has to get a customer to agree, with no proof, that they are qualified to apply pesticide and they send the order out. Why do they not need proof of a PA1/6 before sending the order it's basic common sence.

The reason for my rant. I saw a guy spraying a petrol station today in shorts no PPE and it was raining every other hour. I cannot believe he has a ticket.

  For goodness sake can the suppliers not put the reputation on the industry above selling a few extra litres of product.and simply ask for a scanned copy or proof of PA6.

Suggestions from the collective.?

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  • To be honest Graeme it doesn't bother me at all that anyone can buy weedkiller. It doesn't affect my business, and I value the fact I'm trained and use that as a selling tool to market myself over others who aren't qualified. 

  • PRO

    I see your point Dan but don't you think it would be better if they couldn't buy pesticide then the customer would know when you to rocked up the treat thier weeds that you have at least invested in your profession.

    Don't get me wrong with this perhaps dramatic analogy but I can buy shotgun shells because I have a licence it would be beyond stupid to allow anyone to pop into a gun shop say I have a licence and them to say ok as long as you say so that is good for me.

    Now I know regulation enforcement is poor but why would there be  £200,000 or jail for applying pesticide badly but a supplier covers thier self by getting a person to state they are qualified.

    • PRO

      Agree with you Grahame.

      I think it needs to be looked at two ways - as a business issue (professionalism, investment, training etc) and an environmental issue ( misuse, danger, future legislation / removal of products etc )

      We’ve not been too good at getting our own house in order tho as you mention :(

      • PRO

        Do you think landscape juice has a bit of clout on this issue. It is niggling at me I also saw a guy working for a large local firm spray my estate in joggy bottoms and a t-shirt then go back to his van and tip the contents of the sprayer down the drain. 

        I do feel the suppliers are not doing the industry any favours

        • PRO

          Unless government make it law then its not going to happen. 

          Thats just business - business is full of morality issues verses financial profits - 

          I dont see 1 supplier taking the morale stance whilst the remainder continue to sell -- 

  • We're talking about generally inert products that don't have any toxicity though. 

    • PRO

      True mostly. But it seems like a massive loophole in the process that most industries would close not least to protect the industry.

  • PRO

    The problem from our point of view is I have the license but my wife runs the admin side of the business and as such she purchases the products we need, for your idea to work would I have to put her through training so she can get the licence even though she would never do any spraying and would not want to?

    • PRO

      Surely for the amount of orders you would need to place you could take on that responsibility from your wife. While all other orders are placed by her.

      My point is if we tighten things up the public will have a better view of the profession. We always complain that plumbers and sparks are seen as "more" professional... Why.... Because the have tickets and people know they need them to work. 

  • PRO

    If anyone buys pesticide from an authorised outlet and needs to discuss, gain advice etc the person at the supplier has to be BASIS qualified (others can confirm this ?).

    So on our side of the transaction, does it make sense for ‘our’ person to have a least a basic level of training .. and if so would just a PA1 or cut down version of the qualification, which can be taken individually, be an answer ?

    It my understanding that large contractors ( the regional/national ones )  have BASIS qualified staff who purchase on behalf of the trained operatives.

    Woukd this be a start? We spend all this money on training, gear and products yet have little power to leverage it all in the eyes of the consumer and environmental groups to show good practice.

This reply was deleted.

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