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Best way to fix this?



Any advice on what is the best way to fix this muddy patch would be without adding paving? It's a high traction area which has been churned up over winter. I was thinking of putting som mesh down after spreading some grass seed but if there is a better solution I would appreciate the input! 


Thanks in advance :) 


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  • Judging from photo which shows plenty of perennial weeds along with the surrounding grass being very sparse and of poor quality the whole area needs TLC.

    Anyway back to the question,  you have to bear in mind that a high traffic area  used in wet conditions will always end up a muddy mess regardless of any intervention. 

    You could improve the drainage by spiking the area with a fork and brushing horticultural grit into the holes. One step further would be to lay chicken wire over the area, ensuring it's pegged down securely and then lay top soil over this and seed, the area would not have to be walked on until the grass is well established!!

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      Thanks Peter, I appreciate the help! I'll look into it :) 

  • PRO

    Is it a natural path i.e. from top of steps to a shed or similar?

    Why not make a proper path, bark chippings, gravel etc? Nothing too fancy or expensive. Otherwise every year you will be spending money fixing a never going to be great lawn while whomever is creating the mud will continue to get muddy feet. 

  • Stepping stones...

This reply was deleted.

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