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Autumn/Winter lawncare products

Afternoon all,

We offer a general gardening service including lawn care where needed.  This is our first full year and we're now at the time to be applying lawn care products where it's needed for our customers.  Last year we used a granular autumn/winter slow release granule feed from Lawnsmith which seemed to work well.  Just looking at the market for products to use this year as the Lawnsmith one was relatively expensive.  Does anyone have a favoured product that works well for providing winter lawn care with a sensible NPK ratio they would recommend?  Also, does anyone regularly use Iron as a turf hardener rather than moss killer - if so, how effective is it?  Same question for liquid seaweed feed.  Any advice would be gratefully received.  Thanks in advance, Chris

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    I'm sure the suppliers on this forum eg Agrigem, GreenBest and Progreen would all be able to give sound advice and good value product supply. Why not give them a call? They will also be willing to give you an annual programme based on what you are trying to achieve.

    To your questions, we do use iron as a green-up/hardener quite often. It's often integrated into either the autumn feed or early spring feed. Amounts will vary based on how much moss is around. We do a specific moss control treatment over winter.

    Liquid seaweed we don't see as a feed, but as a useful conditioner and we regularly integrate with an existing treatment.

    The other thing to do to get lots of free advice is to go to conferences: Saltex NEC and BTME Harrogate.

    Also, think about joining the UK Lawn Care Association and attend their annual conference. Nice bunch of companies and lots of help for beginners. Several on here are members, including myself.

  • For the last few years i've been using Marathon Sport feeds which I get from a company called Sheriff Amenity. I use the Spring one once or twice a year and then the Autumn one once. From my own personal experience these have given me the best results of all the foods I've tried so far. Both these feeds have a small amount of Iron in them which I find to be beneficial. What I really like is that whilst getting the lawn looking really healthy without producing a massive flush of growth which so many of the other feeds i've tried do.

    I had started using a liquid seaweed this year too but so many lawns got completely dried out over the summer i've not really been able to tell how effective it is as yet. Will try again next year and see.
  • PRO

    Thanks guys.  Useful advice!

    • PRO

      Just to add depending on where you are based the ground may still be very dry and very hard. 

      I got caught out with an autumn fert with high iron for moss recently where the met office was sure there was heavy rain coming and none came at all -- Theres now been some minor burn and no real disolving. 

      Around here the ground is very dry and hard still and i would have thought some autumn lawn work will have to be delayed untill theres been decent rain fall. 


  • PRO Supplier


    Lots of info here - as you've found out there is a wealth of information and claims made about all sorts of fertilisers - it can be difficult to see wood from the trees. For a winter applied fert - you've got liquid or granule and low Nitrogen is the key. Slow release low-N granular would be a good recommendation as typically grass will continue to grow in most areas until december then start again in March/ a steady drip-feed over winter keeps it healthy and avoids starving or stressing it out. Our 10-0-20 releases N ONLY when soil conditions favour growth - temperature & moisture...

    Iron has been used as a pre-winter hardener for turf - add a little bit more for moss blackening. Liquid / fairway irons at 6% can be used for both jobs but offer the most precison and adaptability compared to granules. There is also a non-iron option we stock from Headland which utilises Calcium & Magnesium in nitrate form and is sprayed at low rates...

    Seaweed - always good. Pure seaweed improves soil health, cope with stress and offers anti-fungal properties used around/ between a simple fert programme... We can supply in 5, 10 or 200L and its popularity is growing. 
    Happy to chat or offer some ideas depending on your customer base and what they might want...


    • PRO

      Thanks for thr advice - in line with what I was planning so thats reassuring.  Just one further question!  Can I mix liquid seaweed and soluble iron sulphate to apply through a sprayer as a combined lawn tonic/green up or would I have to do separately?

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