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Randomly got given a Stiga Excel 50 SVQ B with a B&S 750 EX engine the other day.

It Seems to start and run fine.

I was going to keep it as a rough cutting mower and for the odd mulching job.. but its just a bit slow.

Anyone know if it can be speeded up?

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    Checked the cables are tightened properly? It's probably just a slow machine as its a domestic market unit. Potentially a different pulley on the gearbox to speed it up.

  • Can the engine be sped up a bit? On the B&S I use, there's a bent piece of metal at the front where the governer spring attatches. Just bend it out a tiny bit to speed up the engine.

  • Before you increase the revs, you should check what they're at as there's a maximimum revs of 3600 usually.  I've used one of these and they're only a fiver on Ebay..... work well   B&S engines can be sped up fairly easily....... there's various different ways it's done........ Youtube has some good videos which help

    Digital Engine Tach Tachometer Hour Meter Inductive MEr Motorcycle MotorZBUK | eBay
    Inductive design: You just need to tie the cable to the for spark plugs. Accuracy: 1 minute or 10 RPM, Quartz. Show engine rpm and record hours of op…
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