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Animal rescue

Found a hedgehog this morning that had been attacked by something (nowhere near a road). Its ear was bloody and it just sat there shaking - made no effort to move when it saw me. I borrowed a basket from my customer and gently pushed it in. It would'nt curl up, was still shaking and started to sound a little distressed.

Into the van it went and a 2 mile journey brought us to the local vets. I left it there with my name and number (they should know it by now as this is'nt the first time) and waited for a call to say what the outcome was. If they could not treat it they said they would put it down and if it could not be released straight away then they knew a sanctuary to send it to.

What a service! I received the call later that they had given it some antibiotics and pain killer and it was ready to be released where i found it. What excellent news i thought. I picked it up, brought it back and left the basket with the door open, exactly where i had found it. Little hedgepig was looking much better but i did'nt have time to stop and watch it for long. It was busy eating some cat food in the basket when i left I notified the customer and they said they would check later to see it had gone on its merry way.

This sort of thing does'nt happen every day but it makes me feel good that i have possibly saved the life of one of the most loved garden animals in this country. I did it all in my own time. I only heard something on Radio4 the other day about how hedgehogs are not doing so well. This one is doing ok i hope.  

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  • PRO

    Yeah, i bet he made it and made lots more little hedgehogs.

    Looks like a top place does tiggywinkles

  • PRO

    I think a donation will be winding its way there from me.

  • We leave our garden pretty rough..! we have had hedgepigs since we have been here, have made houses for them and deliberatley leave piles of stuff about... we have had up to seven of em ! always feels special to be in the company of one as they go about their business.

    Good on you for helping the little fella ;-)


  • Tiggywinkles are amazing. As were our local Badger enthusiasts when I called them in to help with three babies under a shed I'd removed in my new house!

    Scary bloke though; all camo'd up, and he doesn't wash as the scent puts the badgers off.....Yuk!

  • I heard that badgers are implicated in the demise of hedgehogs.

    I think hedgehogs are brilliant.

  • PRO

    Yes i have heard that too. And yes they are brilliant.

    Fenlandphil said:

    I heard that badgers are implicated in the demise of hedgehogs.

    I think hedgehogs are brilliant.

This reply was deleted.

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