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Hayter 48 pro 2019 model



Any guys here got the new Hayter 48 pro 2019 model with the Honda engine, two of my colleagues have them and have said they are terrible on wet / damp grass or grass with any dew on.

One of my colleagues has had a kit put on by the dealer to slow the running of machine down to see if it will cut the grass any better but he said its worse than ever.

Any guys on here got the new hayter what do you think ?


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  • Hayters are known first and foremost as being awful in the wet. If you want an allround mower for daily use, they are a terrible choice. 

    Good for homeowners that only cut on dry days though.

  • Completely true i'm afraid. The whole idea behind the new fancy desgin of the Hayter's was to improve the collection capabilities, however in my experience they are just as bad as the previous models. If you're running a fleet of mowers then I would say maybe it's a good machine to have as they are lovely on a dry day, leave a nice finish, run at a great speed and have a 2 year warranty. But if you need an all round machine for use day in and day out then I would say avoid 100%. The wet collection is way worse than my old Weibang and that wasn't the best. I won't be buying another Hayter again.

    • Thanks for your reply, the Headache is what to buy, over the last 20 years I have used Honda 476, Honda pro, Lawnflite, Sarp all rear roller models and found none of them very good in the damp / wet grass.

      A weibang is not an option as the dealers aren't close to where I live.

      Has anyone used the Viking 19inch rear roller models or the new Atco 19inch roller models.


      • Paul, buy a 21" honda/kaaz/lawnflite and stick a hi lift blade on it. Slightly increase revs. It will bag like no other machine if you do this. 

        • Has to be a 19inch mower Dan, I've scaled down recently so don't want a big 21 inch mower.


  • I bought my second Atco Liner 19" recently and also run Hayter 48's and a 56'.  The Atco, while not being quite as robust is an easier mower to use, leaves a better cut than a 48 and is better in the wet.  

  • [url=https://postimg.cc/KkDtcW9J][img]https://i.postimg.cc/KkDtcW9J/IMG-20190918-153738584.jpg[/img][/url]


    Weibang 48 pro into the dealer to repair the above so had a Hayter 48 pro on demo today.

    First lawn , fortnightly mow and plenty of leaves to help with dew . First impression , was blimey I'm going to do my hamstrings keeping up with this beast, the fixed speed is fast !! Too fast.

    Collected well and less stopping with my Wiebang , nice not having to re start with the BBC.

    Back lawn , no leaves and sopping wet with dew , tried on normal setting  but soon clogged up chute and deck. Cleaned out and mowed 3 settings higher then back down and left a tidy job in about the same time as I'd normally do it.Lot easy to manouver than Wiebang. 

    Next lawn , poor grwoth so whizzed through it.

    Next one was treated by GT, 3 weeks ago and is as lush as. Mowed 3 settings higher then 1 higher than normal as got a few ant hills and didn't want to blunt blade on them . Took about same time as normal.

    After lunch onto a weekly mow and with odds bits of dew still about . Absolutely smashed it , shaved 20 mins off what is normally a hourly mow but well knackered at the end .

    Next one was  fortnightly and tried mowing with lower revs but felt it didn't do as good a job , as foward speed still too fast and left clippings on lawn so went back up to full revs.


    Last job was a one off lawn rhat hadn't been cut for 6 weeks , in shade all day and super long. Mowed on highest setting and once bag was filled 3 times the deck was also bunged up ( can hear engine note change) Easy to clean with mower on side tho. Mowed again on the 5 setting and did a fairley decent job, still bunged deck up tho, but the grass was soaking.


    So overall, very impressed and will probably get one next year ( variable drive being preference) as it's more manovurable and lighter and I can probably fit it on my trailer at the front without folding down as a lot shorter than my Wiebang . Felt bag also stayed cleaner desite all the wet grass.

    Legs are feeling it tonight tho, well they are 60 years to the good now LOL

    IMG 20190918 153738584 — Postimage.org
  • I've used hayter 56's for a long time now . No they're not great in the wet , but anything I've come across that is good in the wet doesn't have a roler , although my mate has one of those new Stihl mowers , and says it's great in the wet.. looks like a toy to me !!! ,  even with the inherent problems that the hayter suffer from , I still haven't found a better mower for maintenance work . What I will say about Hayter is that they have a tendency to roll out new kit that's not as tested and refined as it should be . Seems to me like they roll it out and wait for customer feedback . 

    • Back at where my Weibang gave up last week , so this is two weeks growth and sopping wet. I was pushing on as it was about to hammer it down again. very impressed 



  • Hi All, I'm very new to this game but went all out and decided to buy a brand new mower and after many hours of reading and watching vids took the plunge with a Haytor 48 pro in the knowledge that I could be a test pilot!! (25yrs as a car mechanic taught me the end user of new models find many more problems than 'extensive' factory testing)  6 months averaging 5hrs a week and no real problems apart from the factory clutch recall and the 3 bolts falling out from the drive end of the rear roller!! Used it this moring after a night of heavy rain and soaked grass and its filled the bag to the brim no issues. Longer wet grass does seem to stick in the chute a bit more but I try and empty the bag when its half way in wetter conditions to give plenty of area for air to escape the bag therefor keeping the flow rate up. It's speed does seem to surge intermittantly but I've not had this looked at yet.

    Couple of niggles like the bag catching cables when putting back on but I taped these further around the handle, plastic ends in front bumper fall out with the slightest tickle...simply fixed with a rivet but surely a small amount of 'real world' testing should have highlighted these! Its the OHV engine rather than OHC but has no problem pushing it around at full chat. Great cut quality & I find it easy to manouver. I love it but its the only Pro petrol mower I've used so can not compare.



This reply was deleted.

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