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2nd hand gear

Who buys second hand ?? 

Im looking at buying some kombi attahments 2nd hand , my plan is to buy these attachments and a new engine.

The Hedge trimmer  looks like it has a small blade on it ?

Pole pruner , edger and a stihl hedge trimmer All for £200 , whilst the tools are clean im in 2 minds as everything ive bought is new up too now.  Any advice guys ??



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  • The "hedgecutter" is short because it isn't a hedgecutter..... it's a "scrub cutter" which I doubt you'd find much use for.  The edger....... would you use that?...... I use longhandled shears....... lots of people just use the strimmer at an angle. I'd give it a miss or at least knock the price down.

  • PRO

    Everyone works differently with different tools. If they’re really are in that good condition and are items you would use, it would seem a very reasonable price.

    We have a couple of the scrub cutters that are well used - good for brambles and cutting up green waste ( saves your hedgecutters and you’re not bending over so much ).

    Whats the total list price new ?

  • Out of my 5 mowers, 4 are second hand, bought all new battery stuff, blower, hedge cutter, strimmer and chain saw, battery power was pretty new when I bought this lot, otherwise I would have bought used, recently bought a br600 blower and an fs94 strimmer used, don’t see the point in buying new, when you can get very good used items, never had any problems with used equipment, saves a fortune imo.

    • PRO

      If you are able to fully assess 2nd gear before buying then it’s a cost effective route.

      However, it’s key to identify why it’s being offloaded - for a genuine reason or because a pending issue exists.

      There also maybe a 3rd option and that’s they are stolen - too much of a bargain should start alarm bells ringing.

      For key items it is possible to check back with the importer to see whether that s/n had been reported stolen.

  • PRO

    Having had all virtually my Stihl equipment stolen last summer - and a competitor done the same day and all in broad daylight, I think you need to be extremely careful about buying second hand stuff. In some respects you may be just fuelling the cycle of theft and cheap resale and you may end up in the wrong part of that cycle. How to be sure I don't know but I think you've got to be highly cynical.

  • As Gary says, you need to question why it's being "offloaded".   All too often, I've seen Stihl hedgecutters on Ebay with the photos conveniently not showing the wear at the blade ends or the blades are conveniently positioned to make them look like they've got more meat on them.  A secondhandhand hedgecutter might look a bargain when you're saving £100+ but with a new set of blades for £150, it's not a good deal. Often, things look a bargain when they're just a couple of years hold but if they've been used commercially, they may well be on their last legs...... sellers will sometimes buy a new "cowling" etc for a machine, polish it up with a bit of WD40 to make it look good.

  • I sell all my tools whenever I decide to replace them which is great as it helps to pay for the new tool. I've sold a number of items to other members on here. I always keep all my original purchase receipts and service history so any potential buyer can check all that. If I was buying second hand I would want to see that paperwork to know that the tool was not stolen and had been properly maintained, but if they have that then I see no reason not to buy second hand gear. If they didn't have that then personally I would pass.

    • This emphasises  the very reason I'd be very wary of buying secondhand gear, particularly from people here!  It's been used commercialy and although it might not quite be on it's last legs, it's certainly well on its way there.  Spend a bit more and buy new if you can afford it. 

      • Oh I agree that you should absolutely be wary of buying second hand gear of course, as you should when buying second hand anything. And I personally am very unlikely to buy second hand now as I've been doing this years and don't need to, but if you're careful, take your time and make sure the items are legitimate then there are bargains that can be had until you're in a position to always be able to buy new.

  • I've bought second hand stuff but it tends to be larger stuff that I don't use much.  I would be cynical about everything you see thats 2 stroke related.  I think that you may be better off buying new,  its a large outlay but this is your bread and butter theres nothing worst than getting to a job to spend half the morning doing on site repairs.  In my experience people only sell stuff thats nearing the end of it useful life, there are exceptions to the rule.  I also think that internet action sites are fueling the theft of the equipment as others have suggested.  

This reply was deleted.

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