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Are you planning a new landscaping project or are you looking for landscape of garden maintenance?

Whether you are a home owner or commercial landscape manager looking after large assets, the Landscape Engine is the place to publish your requirements.

There are many ways to use the Landscape Engine.

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Start off by doing a postcode search. You can select ALL landscaping, maintenance and design firms that operate in your area or you can filter down your search just to include skills relevant you your requirements.

For example you may require a landscaper that specialises in fitting automated gates. By selecting landscaper from the drop down category menu you can filter ALL landscaping firms. By further selecting automated gates from the skills menu, you will only bring up landscapers who install electric gates within your area.

It is then possible to filter these results and add them to a favourite's list.

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Upload project details

Alternatively, you may upload details of your project for  everyone to view. Landscaping firms who are registered with the Landscape Engine may then send messages to you from within the protection of the Landscape Engine. Of course you may also reply. The trail of conversation is held within your history. So too is the ability to select or discard firms who have sent you a proposal.

Allow ALL members to tender for your project OR Create a favourite’s list and only send details to those on the list

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  • Hi Phil,

    Has the Find a landscaper feature moved? I know this post is old however I have run a search in the past but am now unable to find it.

    Thanks in advance

This reply was deleted.

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Open forum activity

David Benson replied to Neil Darby's discussion Stihl chipper
"forgot to menshion the weight of the stihl 60-70 kg a lot to get into the back of the van "
1 hour ago
David Benson replied to Neil Darby's discussion Stihl chipper
"cannot answer your question directley but i had tryed a few different ones over the years not mine but the custormers own some cheep some expencive and non of them worked very well with soft leafy stuf it was mutch quicker to bag it ore put it on…"
1 hour ago
David Benson replied to mark thomas's discussion Speedwell
"holster is another one 
it needs treating in spring earley summer needs lawn treatment at leest 3 times a year then  regular cutting with the box on and then it might take a few years to get rid of it also you can do a repeat treatment the summer…"
2 hours ago
Sean Clarke replied to Andrew Betteridge's discussion Smallest chipper shredder with feed rollers?
"I've never tried one, but I hear good things about Hansa. I often hear the Greenmech chipper getting recommended, but I have to say I was never very impressed with the one I had use of, despite new blades and multiple services. I was tempted to get…"
3 hours ago
Dave Colton replied to mark thomas's discussion Speedwell
"Have you tried praxys with an adjuvant I have found it works very well on speedwell."
4 hours ago
mark thomas replied to mark thomas's discussion Speedwell
"Tried praxys and holster no results 
but just noticed mogul ?"
5 hours ago
Andrew Betteridge replied to Andrew Betteridge's discussion Smallest chipper shredder with feed rollers?
"The shredder I have and hasn’t been used for a long time is a Ryobi, basically you need a pile of woody branches to push conifer branches through.
Looking at the smaller Hansa machines on their website they say the machine sets up a through draft,…"
5 hours ago
mark thomas posted a discussion
hi has anyone had any success in controlling speedwell ?tried several products over the years with no success this season it seems to have grown rapidly on some lawns.....
5 hours ago
Adam Pilgrim replied to Tommy's discussion Large mower / rough cut
"All depends on your viewpoint - you mention it is a 'fixed price agreement' - without knowing your details, would say machines like Scags etc generally get charged out at around £40-£50 per hr and on regular cutting will flatten an acre very quickly…"
6 hours ago
Sean Clarke replied to Andrew Betteridge's discussion Smallest chipper shredder with feed rollers?
"What sort of stuff are you going to be putting through? I have a Bosch AXT25TC, which I purchased about 5 years ago and it's still going strong. It's not a professional machine, but it's coped with everything I've asked it to do. These days I find…"
6 hours ago
Andrew Betteridge posted a discussion
Title says it all.Around fifteen years ago I bought a fairly robust looking electric garden shredder and it just blocked up with most stuff, so I have not actually used it much. A small semi-pro machine seems desirable, but I really would not…
13 hours ago
John F replied to Tommy's discussion Large mower / rough cut
"Agree I was in a similar position cutting some rough grass and decided to bring my old Toro recycler out of retirement 21 inch , rusting deck , i thought use it for as long as possible as it just wasn't viable buying a new mower . 
Its still doing a…"
13 hours ago
Tommy replied to Tommy's discussion Large mower / rough cut
"I have some others I could use it on but not many.  The scag and ransoms stuff is too expensive to warrant buying.  Maybe just stick with what's working for now but thought it was worth asking.  Knowledge is power "
13 hours ago
Neil Darby posted a discussion
HI all. Has anybody any experance of the Stihl GH 460 petrol shredder/chipper? Is it any good as a standalone tool & is it the same as the Viking GB 460, certainly seems to look like it?Cheers Neil
John F replied to Will Roberts's discussion Wasps
"Still a few wasps here feasting on the ivy flowers , My poor old dog got stung Three times this year . 
Encountered an aggressive type of Bee in an orchard during the summer , grey in colour looked like a mining Bee , relentless it chased me for…"
John F replied to Tommy's discussion Large mower / rough cut
"Will investing in a bigger mower be a viable option Tommy ? 
If you can use the machine on other jobs perhaps , if it will only be used on this job ? 
Obviously the finish must already be acceptable as you are gaining more work using your existing…"

Large mower / rough cut

Hi all,I have an area of land that I cut every 2 weeks.  It's quite rough work and is more of a field than anything else.  I'm currently cutting it with a weibang virtue and using the side discharge setting.  That was fine at first but now I am…

Read more…
9 Replies · Reply by Adam Pilgrim 6 hours ago
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